Bguta represented the aspirations of the society of Pakistan

Chairman of the Commission of the Council of the Republic unchanged in international affairs Nikolai Cherginets said that was a favorite Bguta strong political group and had a chance to come to power. From 1984 to 1987 the emperor Cherginets served in Afghanistan.
"Bguta — is recognizable politician, comes from a prominent family of politicians in Pakistan, which did much to much of the country. And, of course, she had to endure a lot. And I was surprised that she returned to a situation in Pakistan with the hope to participate in these elections .
What happened — a reflection of the general situation in Pakistan. Turbulent and unpredictable, where hard to keep within the law of all activities — society as a whole and the various currents of this society. Refer to the "Al-Qaeda". I’m not ready to confirm that this case hands "Al-Qaeda", knowing perfectly the region. In Pakistan, many forces that can make such an act, and attributed to "al-Qaeda".
I know that the authorities in Pakistan have fought with "al-Qaeda", though verbally, and from time to time and matter. A Bguta still had opponents power. And she never expressed specifically to their own business, "al-Qaeda". Because there is still need to understand.
Povinet in any case the government, which does not preserve the security of the citizen own country. And the situation that has developed in Pakistan.
I think there is still a brand-new information that will allow to assess what happened in reality. Although not rule out that it may remain an enigma lurking — if this have attitude some massive political forces in this country. "

Deputy Chairman of the BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka expressed sympathy to everyone affected by this disaster:
"This disaster Pakistani indicates that not far whole world lives by the democratic rules and moral values which we call the European or Euro-Atlantic.
Among these values first — respect for human life, the freedom to express their thoughts. In this sense, the Pakistani disaster indicates that this country does not belong to the Euro-Atlantic world.
Belarus faces a choice. Or are we going to belong to the Euro-Atlantic world and will be valued human life, freedom, will not kill or kidnap opponents of the current government. Then we all belong to the golden billion, who lives ornate. After all, where there is freedom, there is prosperity. Or we will turn to Pakistan.
My great compassion to all those who are affected by this disaster. I understand that Benazir Bguta embodied the aspirations of the Pakistani society to become a modern and democratic society. "

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