BMPT-72 has become a major world premiere at the show RAE-2013

BMPT-72 has become a major world premiere at the show RAE-2013
TSAMTO, September 27. Fighting vehicle fire support BMPT-72 («Terminator 2»), for the first time presented to the public at RAE-2013, has become a major world premiere at the exhibition in Nizhny Tagil.

The latest military vehicle fire support BMPT-72 submitted on September 26, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev.

BMPT-72 («Terminator 2») is one of the options for upgrading T-72 MBT.

At the presentation BMPT-2 Dmitry Medvedev said that the prospects of sales of these machines as to domestic and external markets, rather highest since armed with several 10’s of the world are composed of more than 20 thousand T-72 MBT.

According to him, «if our producers, namely» Uralvagonzavod «and all those involved in completing, offered at competitive prices, this would mean that a significant part of the operators T-72 or the respective customers the newest machines prefer it to others. But it is competitive struggle, of course, we have to show not only the respective pluses of the new products, the latest machines, and show that the cost it looks preferable. «

In turn, the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that «world premiere BMPT-72» Terminator 2 «on RAE-2013 was successful. Russian army was needed in this car is about 20 years ago. In particular, if we recall the languid battles during Severe storm in December 1994 — January 1995, when the tanks needed support. «

Identified as Deputy Prime Minister, «BMPT-72 is designed to support tanks, but the range is much wider than its implementation.»

According to the views of the Minister of Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturova, significant export potential of the machine has been achieved through a unique technology developed by retrofitting and modernization of the T-72 was in service in more than 40 countries in the war machine of the latest generation, which has no analogues in the world.

«In practice, this means that every government in service which consists of T-72 MBT, which is more than 40 states with the lowest cost can equip its army with unique armor. The main advantage of technology creation BMPT-72 is that it provides a unique opportunity to extend the up-cycle of existing machines, rapidly and cost-effectively for new levels of combat capability of the Army. Sure, such a proposal would take advantage of the demand for arms market «, — said the head of the Ministry of Industry of the Russian Federation.

In the «Rosoboronexport» also believe that the newcomer modification tank support combat vehicle «Terminator 2» has excellent export prospects.

According to Deputy General Director of «Rosoboronexport» Igor Sevastyanov, «Terminator 2» — the car is very promising. «

At the moment the customer first zabugornye BMPT «Terminator» (in the basic version) is Kazakhstan, which has three cars. According to reports, the option provides for the supply of sun Kazakhstan 7 more BMPT.

Previously reported on the ongoing negotiations for the supply BMPT with several African states.


BMPT-72 — a revolutionary modernization of the world famous Uralvagonzavod tank T-72. When designing BMPT-72 was taken into account the experience of creation and use BMPT, who during his firepower got the title «Terminator.»

As basic model, «Terminator 2» is able to perfectly solve puzzles fire support of infantry and tanks in all types of combat operations in complex geographical areas, at any time of day, at least against any opponent. Differences from the previous model: improved fire control system and security module combat tower.

BMPT-72 provides a unique opportunity for all countries, armed with the most massive tank worth modern T-72, rapidly and cost-effectively to reincarnate its army into a modern, without buying expensive new machines, make it strong, mobile, highly secure and well-armed.

Presented at the 2013 RAE-BMPT-72 guided weapons armed with 4 supersonic anti-tank missiles «Attack» and modernized launcher developed by JSC «SPC» KBM «.

Complex works in TV and IR channels. Capable of striking motionless and moving ground, surface and low-speed air targets at a distance of 5 km. Management of the complex — remote, automatic. Missiles can be equipped tandem HEAT and thermobaric warhead.

The main difference from its predecessor missile system is the presence of armored protection and missile launcher of small tools, which, in totality protection measures can be used in some BMPT combat formations of tanks and to provide effective fire support to infantry units, use the machine in a complex landscape criteria.

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