Border crossing Belarus — calm

As stated in the Municipal Border Committee, in general terms, this figure much where almost 20% less than the first of December. Where such a decline in activity in the usual peak of the tourist season — Christmas and New Year?
Management of Municipal Border Committee and a significant decrease in the human traffic through the area of Belarus explains extension of the Schengen area, which was held on December 21.
In the press office announced last week Statistics: From 22 December to 29th inclusive

Visa for Belarusians — 60 euros for the Russians — 35

The number of people and vehicles on the borders decreased by 7 and 19%, respectively — if associated with the previous week. And despite the fact that many more leaves on visas, designed to extend the visa of one place and the former prices.
Recall that on November 15 2007 European Parliament approved the entry into the Schengen area on December 21, 9 new countries: Czech Republic, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. This year, the first in September, these countries joined the Schengen Information System, police data, that has special control on 17 million records "suspicious persons."
The decisive moment was the price level set by the European Union for the people of Belarus — 60 euros for a single entry visa. European institutions do not hide it in the formation of visa prices directly affected the position control of Belarus, which refuses to make the Council of Europe, namely, not lust to ensure freedom of speech in Belarus, finish persecution of the opposition and release political prisoners. For comparison: single Eurovision for people of Russia and Ukraine costs 35 euros. Before December 21, Lithuanian visas for Belarusians cost just 5 euros, and Latvia in general it laid down for free.
Managing advertising and travel agency "Edelweiss" Ivan Kobzik convinced that new visa rates are significantly restrict international travel Belarusians:
"Until such a price comparable to the average weekly earnings of Belarusians, hard enough to get used to. And, of course,

Price visas — as weekly earnings Belarusian

suffer first cheap tours in adjacent countries that were very popular. Those "weekends" in the Baltic countries, first in Lithuania, visiting water parks in Poland. On the other hand, the ability to open travel agencies before constructing combined tours to more distant countries. First it concerns bus tours all over Europe when you can actually drive one visa and not to think, what country in Schengen, which — no where you can call in, and it must bypass. But still in the early stages will naturally decline. Specifically, the price of close, cheap, and given that the bulk of outbound tourism. "
Reporter: "But under the embassies, for sure, there will be less people impartially reduced queue …"
"Yes, at the embassies of Poland, Lithuania indeed apparently people will less. For example, at the French Embassy, she just not far from my office, queues soon I do not beheld. But in fact before entering the Schengen area adjacent states all want to get what is known as the last time, or open some national visa to go to the Christmas prazdnichkom. And later, of course, everything will not be so. "
Meanwhile management of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry hopes still wait for the reaction of the European Commission on the proposals made in This year Belarusian side. Official Minsk still expects to begin negotiations with the West in the liberalization of the visa regime.
Recall that in fact the Schengen Agreement was signed in 1985 but came into force only after 10 years, in March 1995.

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