British fans will be accompanied by a police escort

Arrive in Minsk unprecedented number of foreign fans, it is planned that in the stands is a 3 thousand British fans, whose impulsive temper known far outside of England.
How will the care of English fans in Belarus?
Yesterday was signed in Minsk special cooperation memorandum in British police th Minsk police. It is significant that the document is for only one meeting and first part of the status of British football fans.
Apparently, in Europe there is no country where they would not mark a brutal reaction to the results of games. Due to the reputation of such power in the structure of the police even England created a unit to maintain the security at the time of football tournaments.
His staff in advance go to the venue of the state command to have time to track down a large fan base, and as needed to neutralize them.
As for the game between the teams of Belarus and the UK, for both teams is the first official meeting. After the last match in the group’s own British confidently hold the first row, the Belarusians are 4-bubbled, having assets of the game less. In Minsk pupils Italian spices Fabio Capello arrive after defeating Kazakhstan team — 5:1.
Morally, it is much more an advantage than a languid victory Belarusians month reversed in Andorra.
Meanwhile, head coach of Belarus Bernd Stange pretty confident looking into the future and predicts a positive outcome for Belarusians — even in spite of the fact that due to an injury on the field will not be able to leave captain Alexander Hleb. By the way, the injury will not allow two players to act and the basic structure of the British — also captain John Terry and midfielder Ashley Cole.
Last head coach of Belarus Anatoly Baydachny also not inclined to dramatize the situation in advance of the owners of the field relating to the number of outsiders. By Baydachnogo football world uniformly aligned:
"Remember that even Kazakhs to 70th Minutka just lost 1:2 to the British, and only after" fell. "Because to say that any team in Europe dominates (except perhaps in Spain), is simply unrealistic. Others seem to me actually similar — someone a bit better playing someone a bit worse. at least, to fill the total at the moment we can at least some team. Sprastsivsya football in almost all aspects. And the process is, unfortunately, not in the best side, there is "usyarednenne" class. From time to time you look at the team and it seems that they play as if their computer programmed: playing style, manner — all seems. "
Anatoly Baydachny although upset lowering the overall level of football, but says that it is only for the benefit of such teams-syarednyakam as Belarus:
"Well, that Belarusians? Than terrible team? Maybe a little class Britons best players more recognizable players. But it’s not a guarantee that the team wins. Most recently arrived" Juventus "- what? For the game against BATE general had to lose. other words, just need to play everywhere, to make every effort to show dedication. All this should be. Due only class at the moment is not enough who can win. "
From the result of this match between the teams of Belarus and the UK directly depends on the coming Minskers calm day. Perfectly clear that the English fans do not take a different result, not counting victory from what their behavior is directed in a rather brutal track. However, law enforcement agencies are convinced that the situation is not out of control, and all pre-and post-match movements guests will accompany the police.
Yesterday Chief Inspector division in ensuring safety at football militia Britain Colin Richard Woolford Minsk assured: more ‘ists were blown out "football hooligans in Minsk did not come, they still Held at home. In addition, he noted that over the past 20 years the British fans peravyhavalisya and currently their degree of anger markedly decreased. By the way, the other day in Belarus charter flights arrived first five hundred people now are still expected almost two and a half thousand fans Team GB.

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