Bruzgi — Forge Bialystok: no queues

According to the drivers, all NIGHT MODE TIRav reached more than a kilometer, but all night the Polish side perceived machine, and in the afternoon queues at the border was not, as there is no reality.
At the border crossing "Bruzgi — Forge Bialystok" quiet now, worth a total of seven TIRav and machine immediately move to the gate without stopping.
Now drivers face TIRav even funnier. It is said that there are only a couple of hours and, of course, will go soon.
Ask, they had dinner, is there any diner or cafe at the border crossing.
Man: "No, there is no place here to eat fries, but there is a grocery store, you can buy something."
We were approached by the driver with TIRav on which Russian numbers, and also join in the conversation. Ask, do not get angry at them Polish customs officers who made the strike.
Man: "It’s true they do."
2nd man: "It is true do. After all, everyone, when it comes to his earnings, must defend their rights . "
1st man: "And what if they were left without work, people should do? The government should worry about its own citizens. "
Staff members joined the emperor, who is riding a TIRy Belarusian rooms.
Man: "This question long since needed solve. Polish customs were now alone in the whole European Union, through their passes all traffic from Europe. Naturally, it needed add to earnings. "
On legkavichku braked young woman. Our conversation intrigued her. I ask her what she thinks about the strike of Polish customs.
Woman: "So it’s not our strike."
Reporter: "And our customs could zastraykavats?"
Woman: "Our ever …" (Laughs)
Returning to the check point Bruzgi I called Grodno frontier duty and asked what the situation at other border crossings in our area.
Attendant: "On leaving we queues of cars are not worth as little TIRav. If Bruzgi TIRav worth up to 20, it will not turn. On transition to Berestovitsa 30-40 cars — it is also smallness. On transition to Privalka (border with Lithuania) also no queue. Strong tension on the border we have no work as usual. "

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