Budget: external debt has tripled

"It is possible to draw conclusions about the basic strategic direction of the budget? How, according to the project, can develop the economy of Belarus?"
Romanchuk: "According to the draft, the economy will grow by 8.5 percent of GDP. Promise us a measured development. Not lowering social standards that the economy is doing great. But specific data they say, it’s not because the government claims. First, the budget is based on the that the devaluation of the ruble against the dollar is only 3 per cent a year. "
Tsigankov: "I understand you do not believe in this figure?"

not counting funds from the sale of shares of "Beltransgaz", it is not considering this amount, privatization revenues will amount to only 15 million dollars …

Romanchuk"I do not believe, so that it is consistent with reality, it is necessary that in the next year Belarus has received 5 billion dollars of external loans. Another figure that was very impressed — not counting funds that Belarus will receive from the sale of shares of" Beltransgaz " then excluding this amount, privatization proceeds will amount to only 15 million dollars. makarom Thus, words and promises that next year will begin selling something — they are not in the budget. Or will still sell, but the government budget and the funds not to behold — or nothing at all will not sell. "
Tsigankov: "What is the cost of gas is planned in this budget? Which is planned to increase the incomes of the population?"
Romanchuk: "The cost of gas, which was considered under the budget is 128 bucks. If there are more, then the budget will be adjusted in the first quarter — for this first time in the draft law included the phrase that the government has the right to enter adjustments, but not over once a quarter.
If we talk about the real income, the growth rate dropped to 5 percent. This is considerably less than This year (About 10 percent), and the average of the last 5 years (17 percent). The government sees that no funds.
Increase foreseen for state 7-9 percent, but in dollars it would be 330 bucks — it’s almost the same, now the national average.
And another principal figure. Limit external debt this wasforeseen about 2 billion dollars. And in a new project, he has tripled and is 6 billion dollars. The government is going to borrow heavily, but the concept of where their waste, it does not have "

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