Businessmen getting ready to strike

Favourite campaign "For Free Development of Enterprise" Viktor Gorbachev, who recently was released after 15 days arrest, said:

"Small bow applicants meeting December 10, which is not broken, not abandoned October Square. More from business applicants will not be any. People will just go out of the area. If necessary, will elect the time and place. It our country, it is our area. And we will gather and read on those areas that we grieved. Without some agreement, so there was the coming of these arrests. "
Press conference was preceded by a meeting of businessmen with the head of a special commission House of Representatives Anatoly Pavlovich and bureaucrats of the Ministry of Economy. According to Gorbachev, at this meeting entrepreneurs put up an ultimatum to the authorities, demanding an immediate moratorium on the decree number 760, which allows you to employ only close relatives. If the authorities refuse, entrepreneurs declare a nationwide strike from January 1 to 15.
According to the representative of the Coordinating Council businessmen Anatoly Zmitrovich mentioned decree passed in gross violation of the general agreement between the government and the employers’ associations, trade unions. Businessmen in Belarus about 200 thousand, and they give more budget billion dollars per year.
"And when the foreign businessmen come here and hold a meeting with the President, and addressed the issue of investment in the economy 30 millions of dollars, here half billion dollars. And nobody tells us. It’s just cause for concern. "

Sovereign Zmitrovich believes that in 2009 personal business will not grow;
"There are reports that in the first quarter of businessmen take away, withdraw from his deeds excise tax of one species of the product — cigarettes, beer. During the 2nd quarter it will be tea, coffee, shoes. And before the year is personal to business can not be imported product . This will be the only legal persons. "
Union representative SME "Together" Ira Yaskevich believes that due to the decree number 760 will increase the number of unemployed:
"Since January, any of us, even if he will come to work, fails to work for the usual reason that we violators of the work. Since you work alone, then a trip behind the product, sick leave or any other incident will lead to the fact that we all can take a license. "

Ales Taustyka Alexander and Sergei Parsyukevich Makaeu

Member of the Coordinating Council of businessmen Ales Makaeu believes that the strength of unity in business:
"Together, in solidarity, we got the win. Together We, we will win."

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