Businessmen shocked statements Lukashenko

Among other, he said: "By signing the decree number 760, I criticized it himself. This decree in their favor. What we do We further continue to support individual entrepreneurs, which we imported from third countries, from Russia through this Russian consumer goods, the main bad and we have them for this lgotiruem. other words we did for SP preferential treatment. "
Expressions Lukashenko commented one of the favorites of business Victor Gorbachev:
"Wherever I went to the market or, as I have on the 3rd market’m everywhere there is a discussion of what he said. People are shocked by these statements in relation to themselves."
Victor Gorbachev declares that from tomorrow on the markets of Belarus protests begin.
"1st week who fails to work, going on vacation, and on January 10, everything remains in force on October Square, and from February 1 in the regions — strike already Nationwide."
Lukashenko said the other day that entrepreneurs in Belarus imported consumer goods from third world countries on preferential criteria and at low prices, and so they Tipo "ruined thousands of jobs." This worldview economist Lev Margolin considers controversial:

This recollection that someone drove him to her that if entrepreneurs do not carry foreign products, while Belarusian enterprises relieved.

"I get the impression that he is someone at one point killed as they say, the idea that if entrepreneurs do not carry foreign products, while Belarusian enterprises will be able to breathe a sigh of relief and will work in full force. It is certainly not the case. That they have earned, must create competitive products, but they can not. "
Today in Belarus about 200,000 individual entrepreneurs ignored the presidential decree number seven hundred and sixtieth Lukashenko shall depart — he gave two more months to go private traders in private unitary enterprises.
Expert Leonid Zlotnikov states that the government has the right to regulate the activities of private business, but the authorities in Belarus does not always proceed with privates true:
"The golden mean: every state is a policy to support small businesses. These small entrepreneurs — this is the" soup ", where there are capitals that would later go into other areas, because there is enthusiasm for the country. Mid to pradyprmalnikam fact that have less than 10-ka man hiring workers that businessmen should be benefits. Could would drop everything because it is. "

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