Calls for freedom: The army has become a tool of vengeance authorities

Youth activist of the democratic forces, excellent students Gomel Institute Dmitry Zhaleznichenka for opposition activities, was expelled from the institute and unwillingly drafted into the army. In protest, he went on hunger strike. During that bureaucrats of the Ministry of Defense threatened sue Dmitry Zhaleznichenka criminal case. Oh, so this comment listeners of Liberty:
Madam, Pinsk, "Hi! Zhaleznichenka drafted into the army. And I recall a story that happened two years reversed with my offspring, Edward dude. He was examined in the direction from the recruiting office, he had surgery on the thyroid gland. But when offspring came to the medical board with all the fruits of analysis, it appears that the call is finished, against the son opened a criminal case Tipo for draft evasion. And here it turns out that the army can take and no commission, and after the call. It is sad that the army became a tool of vengeance power. Just decent. "
Lady: "According to Radio Liberty on contract service our Belarusian kids. I agree and wish to do so. And they will be healthy, because in the army selected health."
Vasily Silverst officer supplies, Kalinkavičy: "Good morning, Radio Freedom! A certain bureaucrat from the Ministry of Defense classifies acts student Dmitry Zhaleznichenka soldier who continues hunger strike as a crime. Allegedly, he deliberately harm their health. At the military language is explained so like fighter undermines such makarom readiness of the Armed Forces. I as a military Chernobyl liquidator believe that it is necessary to institute a criminal case is not against professional student and against the Ministry of Defence for the fact that we, young and healthy reservists threw a long time in Chernobyl on the so-referred to as the struggle with the consequences of the disaster at the nuclear plant. After this military service, we have lost health, became disabled, and many have already died. "
Peter S.: "Dmitry Zhaleznichenka expelled from the institute. Rector of the University for he was troubled guy, because they do not wish to think because the pointed top. Studied at the" excellent "means clever. Because it excluded and got rid of migraines. Suddenly It is suitable army to get into that, recruits stand in queues, and not everyone get there. He went on hunger strike and became a headache not only for unit command, and the Department of Defense, a special department, military doctors hospital. What you will do, Gentlemen, if Zhaleznichenka abandon take the oath of allegiance? And it is his right to accept or not. After examination in the clinic because it did make him in universities: exclude it from the army. In the tribunal he will not submit. Everything will be fine. And you will not have to migraine. With reverence. "
Former deputy editor-independent newspaper "Zgoda" Alexander Zdzvizhkou sentenced to three years bullpen for publishing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. Students continue to speak out on this topic:
Viktor Pavlovich Decent, Minsk: "At the moment a lot of noise about Zdzvizhkou. So here, I naturally regret this pochetaemogo journalist. But with him to was done in another way: not to plant, and an iron plate on his chest with the inscription "For stupidity!" Did not he know, making, lived half a century? "
Anastas Semenovich: "Good day, ladies and gentlemen of Radio Liberty. Pochetaemy Our beloved Alexander Sdvizhkou received 3 years bullpen" for inciting religious hatred. "In 1-x, Lukashenka’s power and ruthlessness shown tremendous stupidity, and in addition, it showed Worldwide, European values for it — an empty phrase. Those cartoons were reprinted in 143 editions of 56 states. In including and Islamic. And nowhere journalists have not been put in jail for it. Long since it’s time to superior Belarus gave command to the courts, the police and OMON nyaslavili not our native Belarus! "

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