Calls for freedom: the verdict Finkevich — flowering lawlessness

We start the program from the responses to the courts.
December 20 October Mogilev tribunal sentenced Artur Finkevich one year and six months imprisonment. Referee Natalia Krashkina recognized Man guilty of violating that anticipate criminal charges "Evasion from punishment."
December 20 tribunal Pershamajski district of Minsk granted the petition of Nicholas Charhinets protection of honor and merit. Journalist Alexander Tomkovich and the newspaper "New Era" have to pay 51 million rubles Charginets.
Man: "The judicial execution and won over Finkevich Charhinets tribunal — the real flourishing of lawlessness in the judiciary in Belarus."
December 20 State Security Committee noted the 90th anniversary of a day or creation. Earlier, Chairman of the KGB Yuri Zhadobin said that the opposition is not at risk of national security. "At so-called Society destructive parts comes just 1767 people. We know them all by name, by last name, and they do not become neither more nor less, "- said Zhadobin.
"Anniversaries in civil
Prapyasochats all down,
To glorify himself list
Destructive parts.
On your anniversary majestic
Rats do not know
Why not congratulate
With working victory.
Pecking orders Constitution
There’s a hole, there’s a ditch
Until the deeds inspire
Dzerzhinsky and Tsanava. "

As before, the focus of the audience Liberty cancellation of privileges. According to the Law on streamlining benefits, which came into effect on December 17 different types of benefits lost about 3 million inhabitants of Belarus.
Man: "We need the authorities and their representatives to make December 17 2008 solemn funny day, because they were able to win concessions in a frail and defenseless categories of people — in Chernobyl liquidators who are already disabled disabled, students and the elderly, the "Afghans" and the victims of Stalinist repression, and of other categories of people such as the Republic of Belarus . "
Lady: "Pochetaemye disabled, take New Year greetings from the authorities and members of the abolition of privileges. Especially since, if you have kids, the benefits to you will not. Conclusions: It is better if the kids do not. Ideal thing would be if authorities respect the laws of the market economy and they were performed. So makarom economy is on the rise and will be a real stability. Children will work and a decent income, parents — pochetaemaya age. And now rejoice in those who are elected. They fought for it and ran. Go to the elections or not? We choose yesterday or not? "
Continue to review the response calls for work Radio Liberty:
Man: "The endless repetitions, lobbying vendors who, embarrassed, renamed the" businessmen ", melkateme, kastratsyya phone calls adnabokasts and dedication, which is spreading in most fierce true, superficial analysis of social mores, contributions, pensions, credit, tax and how you did your station and parochial, to put it mildly, of little interest, as well as our lives. "
Finish the program from this call:
Anastas Semenovich: "I wish for you and your families health, welfare in 2008. Merry Christmas, let us together with you to lay on the early elections of the new president Republic of Belarus. This is a great satisfaction for the whole nation. Ladies and gentlemen, I wish for you good health, strong and more bright days satisfaction native Belarus. "

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