Calls: ideologues done violence to the youth!

"Very sorry for Zhaleznichenka. Hold on, dear. You — the best. Long live Belarus!" — Writes in SMS list Ludmila from Minsk. I recall that Dmitry Zhaleznichenka expelled from the institute and immediately drafted. In protest, he went on hunger strike. In the army also call Yuri Oleynik, who in opposition activities was expelled from the Academy of Management in Minsk and currently studying in Moscow. Oh, so the audience commented that in his own call.
Victor Butoh"Apparently, the authorities of the Russian Federation and Belarus Belarus turned to a penal battalion for individuals from different categories. Also, for many millions. People selected any constitutional rights and freedoms. This is done through the absurd orders, annotations, laws, decrees, etc., were invented by bureaucrats, their representatives and other nonhumans. Thank you. "
Man: "Who drafted into the army and other Zhaleznichenka. I think let them go into the army, but did not take the oath. This volunteer job. Taking the oath — to give consent for this mode of life and home. Nobody has the right to its force. "
Larissa, Minsk: "I did not realize why excluded honors physics and mathematics faculty Zhaleznichenka. Neuzh something our society does not need more spice! Someone who does not like his views on our reality, wants to rehabilitate him in the army. But I think such people not change their views. Should be allowed to complete their studies Zhaleznichenka. "
Man: "All the Young pity, Zhaleznichenka pity these children. Understand, I’m sorry for the children of ministers, arbitrators, various officials. There is a saying in the Bible:" The ancestors ate grapes, had to hide, and in children’s teeth are set on edge. "It’s a pity. Who can think, think. you think there is no God? Fear God. "
CEC Chairman Lydia Yermoshina Named preparatory election date in the House of Representatives — September 28. Expression this topic:
Lady: "Pochetaemye MPs! Congratulations on the occasion of regular elections to the House on September 28. Either everything that you promised, fulfilled? For you will not shameful in September promises to give us again, trinkets, if blindfolded hidebound cloth, then you do not beheld that the economy falls, prices grow 2-3 times increased wages, one time — pensions, all — on contract, who should be and who do not need? Deprived benefits helpless, disabled … And I will not shameful? Did you know how many people who worked in business, jobless and a piece of bread? And teachers that were considered for election and for you interest also given! — Reduced holiday. Everything happens according to the decrees, and not by the laws issued by the parliament. Not afraid that you will disperse as the 12th Parliament? On Constitution have forgotten everything. shall God and curse people. "
Organizing Committee in celebration of the 90th anniversary of the BNR was rejected by the House of Representatives proposal to declare 2008 the Year of the Belarusian statehood. Comment listener:
Man: "What’s read? Our "father" has canceled the celebration devyanostagoddya BNR. What is unusual about it? For him it is a piece of cake. Previously abolished our flag and coat of arms. And under these historical characters fought and killed our ancestors, Belarusians. All the Belarusian it strange, even the language. "
Continuing program from calls to various other topics:
Lady: "Honey" Freedom, "a good day. I am very grateful to you for what has pass calls that little wiggle our officials. To anyone I do not appeal, as our president, why was so scattered farm! You zdekuetsesya of us when talk about the collective. Our farm crushed to such an extent! latest farm dismantled at another location driven. And people here did not? Bywhat is there to nobody works! I have more than 2 years Prussia to work! I get Prussia or milkmaid, or pastoralists and then I reply that there are no places. Where will those places, even if the structure out! "
Sovereign Ivantsevichy "Pochetaemye ideologues, stop raping young. If someone managed to avoid ideologues in schools, the situation is corrected ideologues in the workplace. Before you write young special regime application for a job, he was ready to slip the application form to join the BRYU. Here exit at young spetsa not. BRYU So — nothing else like a bubble that inflated ideological workers. "

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