CAPABILITY C-300, C-400 and C-500 — Chinese experts

CAPABILITY C-300, C-400 and C-500 - Chinese experts
Their ideas about the combat efficiency of the modern Russian anti-aircraft missile systems shared military expert, the PLA Air Force senior engineer Yang Jian, now writes

— What powers has the S-300?

— S-300PS is a multi-weather air defense missile system of the third generation, created to intercept aircraft, cruise missiles and tactical ballistic missiles. The system has the highest efficiency, is capable of inducing 12 missiles from 6 goals, located on the highest terrain vehicles, launch rockets made of transport-launch containers in an upright position.

Firing range on Tall Target in modern versions of the S-300 achieves 200 km, and the system is able to destroy low-flying targets such as cruise missiles. If the opponent is using a non-stealth aircraft, the C-300 is an effective shield against them.

Yet, the efficiency of fire-300 is very depending on the accuracy of targeting, radar is not effective enough to counter stealth aircraft, applying anti-radar missiles. Because the effectiveness of the S-300 is absolutely subject to the availability of advanced detection systems, support and guidance, without their fighting ability of the complex will be very limited.

— Which criteria developed the S-300?

— In the late 60-ies of the last century military aviation world’s leading states became renounces breakthrough defense at a great height, instead of steel to practice ways to overcome the enemy defense system at supersonic speeds at low altitudes («low-altitude supersonic jumping»). In the former Russian Union began work on creating the C-300.

The system has gone through two steps. In the first step the C-300 was designed to defeat aerodynamic purposes, in other words the aircraft that is fairly common task. But with the widespread use of tactical ballistic missiles appeared more massive modification S-300PMU-1, S-300PMU-2 and C-3-300PMU.

Currently, based on the C-300 created by S-400 system, which solves puzzles regional air and missile defense. Ability and survivability on the battlefield of the system significantly increased.

— How do you assess the ability of a family of S-300 in comparison with other similar foreign systems?

— The S-300PMU-2 capable of intercepting ballistic targets will be slightly more efficient than the South American Patriot PAC-2 because it has a more powerful warhead. During the Gulf War blast fragmentation warhead missile of the «Patriot» was effective enough to kill flying Iraqi ballistic missiles. But the South American complex has more advanced radar and electronic warfare systems. C-300 does not have the ability frisky adjustment of operating frequencies to counter enemy electronic warfare.

In general we can say that the C-300 and the «Patriot» are among the leading AAMS in the world, have both flaws and virtues in relation to each other.

— What kind of work are in Russia by promising and missile complexes?

— Russian air defense systems developer company «Almaz-Antey» is working with 2 types — S-400 and S-500. There were reports that R & D (research and development work) in the C-500 will be completed by the end of 2015.

The S-500 is being developed on the basis of S-400 anti-missile capability has inflated, will also hit satellites in Earth orbit. Brand new system will include a built-in complex air defense missile and FFP (counterspace) for all branches of the Armed Forces.

— After adopting the new systems is whether the C-300 in service?

— Judging by the results of firing at landfills modern versions of the C-300 meet requirements imposed on them, in addition, have a backlog for the upcoming modernization. The adoption of the S-400 does not preclude the use of these systems coming, because the C-400 can control the combat means of S-300PMU-1 and PMU-2. Their combination will provide more combat effectiveness for building a system of defense against enemy aircraft.

C-500 is also compatible with C-400. In the foreseeable future, the foundation will be air defense system of Russia S-400, while the C-500 with its interceptor missile defense will do puzzles. Its tasks will do and modern versions of the C-300.

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