Carp brought from Vertelishek and turkey — from Poland — a hollow

Man: "As for all the people, this is for me one of the the most basic Happy holiday. "

Going to family, friends Welcome, neighbors. Try to keep the twelve dishes were more

Reporter: "And how do you celebrate it?"
Man: "We are going to family, friends Welcome, neighbors. Endeavor to make twelve dishes was over, all that should be — put on the table."
Reporter: "And consume alcohol?"
Man: "When guests come such that drink, the drink, but if not, it means do not drink."
Lady: "You know: a lot of grief and a lot of anger accumulated in humans, they separated from each other and relate to each other disapprovingly. Prazdnichek And this, it provides an opportunity for communion with God feel the love among themselves."
Lady: "We like everything we put on the table festive tablecloth, hay, light a candle as a sign of light. Satisfaction in the shower feel. Generally we would like to know good faith merged, like Easter when the Catholics and the Orthodox in one day. "
Lady: "This — prazdnichek home, the whole family gathers twelve dishes that were on the table of course, this is coming from generation to generation."
Reporter: "And what the main desk that you most like to cook this dinner?"
Lady: "Cooking? Jellied fish. "
Reporter: "And This year something, in my opinion, was not a carp in the shops in the town. Where you found him? "

This is a great prazdnichek for us, we celebrate it at home with your family

Lady: "It’s not in town, we took in Vertelishki, we drove into the village, we are always in this store carp live take. And every Christmas we bake and jellied carp do — two meals. "
Lady: "This is a great religious prazdnichek birth of Jesus Christ. For all of us, Jesus Christ the liberator lifeguard and because everything is ready, I think, to prazdnichka with animation and majestic joy. "
Young lady: "This is a great prazdnichek for us, we celebrate it at home with your family. Vechercom going to the table without meats, ham without just preparing fish dishes and celebrate. And for the next day you can have a Christmas turkey."
Reporter: "Is it possible to buy it in town?"
Young lady: "We brought from Poland for themselves."
Reporter: "So from Poland forbidden to carry the meat."
Young lady: "Yes, it is forbidden, but we put away. Well, like so and celebrate …"

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