Catholics celebrate Christmas prazdnichek

Holy Mass preceded by domestic triumph — believers are divided Oplatka vigiliynuyu and arrange dinner.
Now Minsk Christmas songs sounded at the monument of Adam Mickiewicz. This is a regular event, which holds church in Reddish day of birth poet. On This time took part in the celebration of Bishop Anthony Demyanko:

"We are completing preparations for the celebration of Christmas, and now also a special celebration, as we honor day of birth Adam Mickiewicz. He was born in our land. Also in his own poetry glorified where born. "
Not counting the church priests, at the monument to Mickiewicz Minsk dwellers welcomed diplomats from Poland, Ukraine and Serbia. Present call a solemn celebration of a day or a good start.
"By this all prazdnichkom prepared. Must wash, bath visit. Table covered with hay. And sen — white tablecloth and twelve dishes."
Lady: "And congratulations to all this prazdnichkom. Want first people of the world. People to come to God and do what is right. "
Man: "To meet the birth of Jesus — it’s a big, big prazdnichek! Let the good God will help us and all all good people! . "
By the time the true in all churches in Belarus prazdnichkom finalized for Christmas. Priest Alexander Amelchenya states people go to confession, get the Christmas candles, gifts for friends and relatives:

"Today, in all churches held services — Christmas Holy Mass pastoral. A the most important thing will be held at 12:00 NIGHT MODE. It will be headed by a priest, Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz, Metropolitan of Minsk and Mogilev. It will be a special service. First, he put the figure of Jesus in Bethlehem newborn nurseries, which are prepared about the department. And now for the first time in the modern history of the Catholic Church held fireworks in honor of the newborn Jesus. "

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