CEC: Candidates will shoot for assistance from abroad

This CEC Chairman Lydia Yermoshina said to BelaPAN.
According to her, this is due to changes in the Electoral Code adopted in 2006. Namely, the grounds for cancellation of registration of candidates will be the introduction of a real foreign aid. "If earlier the introduction of illegal funds attracted a warning, at the moment will lead to the cancellation of its registration of mandatory" — said Lydia Yermoshina.
"The ban as this was before", but the rate appeared only at the moment
Justify the introduction of foreign aid must electoral commission. "They will conduct special surveys to collect confirmation. Commission may also be reported to the respective bodies dealing with security issues in Belarus.’s Hard to say what will be referred to confirmation — most importantly, that this injunction appeared because such a ban as was previously but there was no mechanism for its implementation ", — explained the chairman of the CEC.

If the activities of the group will be handing out printed materials of unknown origin, the repeated violation of the applicant will be denied registration

In addition, said Mrs. Yermoshina, the upcoming elections candidate will be responsible for the activities of private groups active. "If, during the nomination she allow certain violations, for example, will be handing out printed materials of unknown origin, the applicant and the activities of the group will be warned and repeat offenders will be denied registration to the candidate."
The number of observers will not be limited
CEC chairman also said, Belarus will not limit the invitation of foreign observers to the parliamentary elections of 2008.
She recalled Our homeland that in the parliamentary elections on December 2 2007 restricted invitation to foreign observers. The same limitation on the present and the presidential elections in Uzbekistan on December 23 last year. "But Belarus has never restricted invitation to foreign observers, though it suffers the greatest hit," — said Lydia Yermoshina.
More applicable date for parliamentary elections 2008 CEC head said on October 12. Date October 12, she said, is offered to all interested municipalities. "I think this proposal is supported by the president," — said the Chairman of the CEC.

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