Celebrated 90 years of the First World War

In Baranovichi district on the 228-kilometer route Brest — Moscow was now a memorial stone in honor of those killed in the First World War. Has also been shown to fight reconstruction yes bratannem reconciliation at the end. November 12 Academy begin International Conference dedicated to the events of the First World War, reports "Interfax"
In France, President Nicolas Sarkozy th English hereditary prince Charles laid wreaths at the memorial in the town of Verdun, where in 1916 for 11 months killed 300 thousand people.
At a ceremony in London assumed the role of the last three veterans of the First World War I — 112-year-old Henry Aling, 110-year-old Harry Patch and 108-year-old Bill Stone.
Truce that was the end of World War I, officially entered into force in 11 hours 11 month number 11 in 1918.

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