Changed residence registration

Since January 1, Belarus canceled the institution of registration. Will the registration procedure is facilitated by comparison with a residence permit?
Family, housing, tax, voting, pension cases, citizenship, medical service — is far from a complete list of areas where registration for Belarusian was of great importance. At this point in the passport instead of a stamp "registered" will be stamped "registered".
A.Begun: "We will live much more difficult, and even easier citizen"
Deputy Head of the Department of Citizenship and movement Interior Ministry Aleksei Begun explains:
"In 1-x, the citizen is not discharged from the last place of residence, and that makes him the registration authority. Vo-2 at the level of regulation the president approved the list of documents that a person must submit to the place of residence or location" .
To register you need to provide four documents: the application; identity card document that serves as the basis for registration, and proof of payment of state duty. Defined a specific list of reasons when a citizen may be denied registration. And introduced so called Institute registration of temporary residence, according to which the citizen can register for up to 1 year.
The basic meaning of residence registration — so that people who are temporarily resident, for example, in cottages or apartments paid were free to implement their rights: Treated in a hospital, to receive a pension.
All procedures makes a person responsible for registration. Deputy Head of the Department of Citizenship and movement Alex Runner convinced that the registration procedure for the people will be greatly facilitated:
"Many of the features we will do a citizen: send messages, take off the books, to fill some forms of documents. Citizen will be easier. We will live much harder and citizen even easier. "
Norm for housing registration in Minsk — 20 kv.metrav, in other places — 15
Liberalization regard to certain administrative procedures, and some restrictions on the contrary, become more stringent. For example, earlier in Minsk could be registered on the 12 square meters of floor area. And now?
"If you register at the place of residence, for Minsk defined norm of mandatory free housing area — 20 meters of total area for 1 person," — said Alexey Runner.
In addition, previously the capital of the parents could prescribe not only their own kids, and their families (assuming afterdnie 3, they do not have housing, and if 1 person There are 6 meters). When registration is not foreseen. In other towns the norm for registration — 15 square meters.
Now — the first working day after prazdnichkom in departments of Citizenship and movement went first guests. Because while the bureaucrats in the main busy explaining the decree: what papers you need to collect, where to turn. According to the decree, significantly reduce the time of registration if all documents are in order, the registration is done for 3-4 days when you need to make inquiries and to clarify something — the greatest period of 13 days. Tags: real estate, registration, residence, living

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