Charhinest reduced the amount of his own claim

The reason for the appeal to the court was the publication of articles A. Tamkovich "General-Senator Cherginets." According to a member of the Council of the Republic Nikolai Cherginets, some phrases articles offend his honor and dignity.
Earlier Nikolai Cherginets Tribunal requested to collect from Alexander Tamkovich 100 million, and with newspapers — 500 million rubles.
December 5 at the preparatory court hearing in the court representatives Charhinets not agreed to the proposal to print the author’s text editors Charhinets Nicholas, in which he would had the opportunity to express their position and claims to the newspaper. On the same day Nicholas spoke Cherginets Radio Liberty, that likely reduce the size of foreign exchange claims and reclaims from Alexander Tamkovich symbolic sum — one ruble. Chairman of the Belarusian Association of Journalists Zhanna Lytvyn was present at the hearing. Multimillion-dollar currency claims against journalists and independent newspapers by officials she called immoral actions.

Photo — Alex Lord. In the photo above — Alexander Tomkovich

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