Chavusy: prosecutor urged the tribunal to punish journalists Free town

Ivkina blames publisher-independent Krycheu newspaper "Free City" Vladimir Kudryavtsev and creator of this publication Valeria Bysava insulting own honor, the pros and goodwill, as moral damages.
Now District Attorney Chaussy Sergei Minow called tribunal to satisfy the claim of Tatiana Ivkina in full. The amount of compensation for moral damage it, but asked to find according to the law "On media disk imaging"- That it was within reasonable limits.
He explained to his position, so that the defendant failed to challenge in court the claims Tatiana Ivkina.
Vladimir Kudryavtsev, Valery Bisov and their representatives claim Tatiana Ivkina not recognize. Her claim they call unfounded and politically invented target.
Tribunal through municipal publications editor tries to recover from the publisher and founder of the "Free Town" non-pecuniary damages in the amount of 10 million rubles. Fines means she is going to transfer into account the socio-Belsky rehabilitation shelter.
The reason for the trial was a series of articles "6 years in editorial Gulag", which was written in August and September 2004 to be independent newspaper "Free City". Last on the staff of "Lenin’s cry" Valery Bisov described in their ways that Tatiana Ivkina run newspaper.

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