Cherginets: U.S. President made a final warning

Chairman of the Commission of the Council of the Republic on international affairs and national security Nikolai Cherginets now appreciated the danger of expulsion Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus, the United States Ambassador Karin Stewart as "the last point, the last warning the United States." He also added that "if the United States to bring the case before zahochut, they then receive."
Although officially the topic of the meeting with journalists was designated as the results of the inter-parliamentary activities in 2007, most of the questions concerned the Belarusian-American relations. Please comment motivate journalists to danger Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus send South American ambassador. Nicholas commented Cherginets so this danger:
"What that said our President Alexander Lukashenko regarding the United States — it is, I would have said, the last point and the last warning in this area. USA take on Belarus the same position as that concerning the hungry, the oppressed nations. With Belarus this will not work.
U.S. leaders forgets about Belarus, as well as the United States, is a co-founder of the United Nations. Such countries is not so much. And this alone states that, that the co-founders should look for a discussion between some other word. "
However, as seen in a couple of minutes of international commission chairman, he personally does not think that "it comes to a review after. Zahochut But if the United States to bring the case before, and then they will receive."
Nikolai Cherginets accused the United States that they "were in the forefront of pressure on Belarus. They do not like that we are building the case with Venezuela. But it — our business."
"We do not set any criteria the U.S. — or 12 or 13 or 14"
I asked the emperor Charhinets or binds it ability to improve relations between Belarus and the U.S. with today’s presidential election in America and parliamentary in Belarus?
Chairman of the Commission said, Belarusian MPs are ready now to cooperate with the United States. But almost everyone is dependent on the other side. And here Nikolai Cherginets have certain expectations:
"Realize deal with someone who does not always answer the question, where is that Belarus, but immediately gives parcels facing the prosecutor, apparently very difficult. Personally very difficult to even deal with such person.
Because we expect intelligent and balanced forces that are characteristic of the South American nation, prevail in the elections to this country. We do not set any criteria the U.S. — neither 12 nor 13, nor the fourteenth We just keep them the hand of friendship and say we want to be friends with you. "
Nikolai Cherginets also lamented the fact that the management of the United States, he said, gets all the information about Belarus only from representatives of the opposition.

Political scientist Igor Lyalkov says that these words should not be taken seriously:

Belarusian behavior management in the near future reminiscent of the behavior of the famous dog known fable. I.Lyalkov

"The United States has sufficient treasury informants. Working in Belarus South American embassy. And because I believe that they are completely unbiased information, independent reports from the opposition.
Belarusian-American affairs are more important for the Belarusian side, as Belarus is not severe partner America — neither economic nor political. And besides, it does not represent a threat to the United States.
But for some Belarusian companies in the U.S. — very severe partner. And because Belarus first be interested in a good relationship with the U.S.. But the behavior of the Belarusian administration soon resemble the behavior of famous dogs of known fable. "

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