Chinese aircraft carrier received dummy

Chinese aircraft carrier received dummy
Expert: Chinese aircraft carrier «Liaoning» Indian inferior «Vikramaditya»
Fascinating information came from circles close to the exploration of the Navy. It concerns the commissioning of the PLA Navy aircraft carrier project 001 «Liaoning».
All, as reported on the website «RG» at a ceremony commissioning of China’s first aircraft carrier, September 25 this year, corresponds to reality, not counting 1st — an aircraft carrier, as such, virtually none. And the celebration of the first persons to the role of China were purely political fashion temper.

At the end of the last century, the Chinese have purchased an unfinished aircraft carrier «Varyag» Project 11436 which zarzhaveval in Nikolaev. Take it as scrap, openly stating that the use case for the device it veselitelnyh different centers, including casinos. But the strategic goal was quite different — to explore the design of the aircraft carrier and the ability to build it as a real aircraft carrier. Immediately planned to get at least what methods in Russia a few samples based fighter Su-33, it is to copy it and start building your version based fighter. It was assumed that the completion of «Varyag» in the Chinese version will go along with the creation of the deck of the aircraft, eventually had to get an effective complex.

But it was not easy, and even very difficult. If clean outside rusty ship managed to bring in a very solid feel, then it is not so fine entrails. In fact, everything about software component aircraft carrier aircraft carrier, the Chinese comrades failed.

Failed to get them in Russia Su-33. Acquired in Ukraine layout of this aircraft — T-10K-1 is not much came to copy — very harsh and configuration improvements are made in the real carrier-based fighter. Yet, China was designed and built Su-33 clone — carrier-based fighter J-15 «Flying Shark». Bring it to mind and adopt a plan to no earlier than 2015. Earlier time «aircraft carrier project 001» will scare opponents only in appearance.

In general, the Chinese said that he planned only as a training ship. Question: Who and what to teach there? Last «Varyag» so specific that it simply teach science flotovodcheskim costly, and for crew training aircraft carriers it is not appropriate because no avianosnosnogo equipment, not counting the landing deck on it is not. Nope it and no weapons.

Why then in China in such a hurry with the commissioning of floating, as they say about sailors empty buildings, nothing? Say our sources, only because in Russia very well go work on restructuring «Admiral Gorshkov» in «Vikramaditya» for India. And Beijing at any cost required to show ownership of the other that they will put into operation the first own aircraft carrier. Demonstrated …

So it was that about the dilemmas of «Vikramaditya» we know more than about its pros. But in China the situation very closely tracked down and evaluated it impartially. It is possible that learning — Why Our homeland buys firebrick, some Chinese spices made so that the electrode boilers came to this insulation, which simply could not crumble. Perfectly still, it came out during trial, not during combat service carrier.

As they say at USC, the substitution of brick lining of boilers not reclaims their seizure, and means — cutting the ship’s hull. This will accelerate the repair work. Incidentally, timely shutdown boiler efficiency showed protective automation ship.

If you associate the Chinese «aircraft carrier project 001″ Liaoning » and Indian «Vikramaditya», then one can say that the PLA Navy got some dummy aircraft carrier, and the Indian Navy warship will get beautiful, the best in its class. Indian aircraft carrier has passed all the tests laid cycle in which Indian crew was «Vikramaditya». Wing of the new version of the MiG-29K perfectly blended into the contour of the ship, and all of the air component running smoothly. Indians are very impressed enough maneuverability and languid huge ship. He showed the highest maneuverability and seaworthiness beautiful. He also has several other features which distinguish profitable «Vikramaditya» from the «Admiral Gorshkov». But the Indian side of their prefer not to spread.

Of course, sadly, that «All-Powerful» will not appear in the government of India in a day Navy. But — and this should not hesitate — «Vikramaditya» become one of the most massive and battle ships naval forces of their own country.

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