Christmas — is hope for change

Belarusian believers together with the whole Christian world are preparing to meet a one of the greatest spiritual prazdnichkom — Christmas. How is this training in Minsk residents?
Reporter: "How do you prepare, what mood you prazdnichek Hrysova Christmas?"
Lady "First and most importantly — it’s a church, confession. In our family, as follows: December 24 evening put the Christmas tree. The mother prepares the table, and the kids clean tree. Then — cachet, candle, bible, and the 12-hours go to Mass on pasterku. "
Man: "Christmas — a meeting with Jesus Christ. This means that in our life there is something new. This new mood and life in general is updated once. Prazdnichek Because it satisfied. Necessary to rejoice and thank God for all that he sends us . "
Lady: "This tradition comes, maybe since the fifth or seventh generation of our family. Preparing usual: cover with hay before Christmas table after white cloth. After we put all those classic Belarusian dishes, obviously, without meat and milk, only fasting. Certainly be kutia. The whole family, Christmas candle lights, read a passage from the Gospel, which tells about the birth of Jesus Christ. Well whereupon the whole family goes to Holy Mass on pasterku. "
Reporter: "What do you prazdnichek how to cook, what mood?"
Lady: "Well, how prepared? Remove the house, preparing spiritually — tried at that time to visit more often in prayer. Fasting. Example, I since last night and did not eat anything until tomorrow morning I will not hold the post. We try to stick to."
Woman: "It is waiting. And home poubirat tried everything, that was neatly. And in the shower trying to be the best. Prazdnichek This fun and we are looking forward to it."
Guy: "For us, Christmas is, of course, the satisfaction — it is in the 1-x. Vo-2, it is the hope for change. This recent years my standard answer to such questions. It is hoped, that something has changed in our lives. After all, we always ask God Pan and something best for others and themselves. And usually prepare: buy, so to speak, products Vigiliyny table, put the Christmas tree. And the most important thing — pasterka this holy prayer, which will NIGHT MODE. This, for sure, the goal for many people, so that in this time come and pray. "

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