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But repression, which collapsed on them, are fully comparable with those authorities apply it on the political opposition and intimidation, and public discrediting, and preventive detention on trumped-up grounds and prosecuting participants in mass actions. Although it would seem — untainted economy so to speak, "Social sphere", nothing more, most that on is a matter of public country. Even the Ministry of Economy has calculated 46 thousand businessmen who This time not re-register Chupa. This is substantially more than 1767 "destructive parts" just counted KGB chief Yuri Zhadobin. A means — as against "destructive."
Bureaucrats need to explain the 760 th decree needs of the economy, from time to time sound even links to zabugornye countries with economies in transition, where the number of individual entrepreneurs Belarusian type significantly reduced if they have not disappeared completely. And it really is because countries with economies in transition just this transition and fulfilled. In the annual reports of the Global Bank impressive bit of GDP in the region, which produces private sector: Poland — 80%, Our homeland — 70%, Belarus — 25% (!). Of all the post-Soviet states is the same fraction of the contribution of different sectors to GDP — only in Uzbekistan.
Belarus will not crosses, that’s the problem.
End of the year in the business of bullying assumed the role of personally Head of State, inspiring example of his ordinary propagandists. Entrepreneurs have been accused of undermining the state (state clearly) Industry: driven affordable knock off prices eventually suffer enterprises and their employees. What buyers employees of these companies just benefit by buying a cheap product — this is for some reason not mentioned.
Already, it seems, many years have passed with the promise to shake the business "as ushyvyh fleas", but in terms of economic philosophy, as we see, nothing has changed.
While it may power and right in the sense that the prince "Chinese model" dvuhsektarnay economy on which so adore referenced in our area somehow does not go either normal market economy, in which many small privateers really decreases or statist economy, where entrepreneurs — as a fifth wheel in the cart. And if the opposition to the authorities — the political enemy, entrepreneurs — class.
Maybe such ruthlessness in "dialogue" with businessmen shows power because he knows them, though many, but they — in a certain social ghetto hardly their protest will find wide support from other segments of the population for their business — those who " oil lying "and" shovel means rowing. " But who knows, protest with access to the central square of the capital — this is standard, ready form. According to the survey, last year’s abolition of benefits and price spike quite significantly increased the level of discontent in society. While it does not manifest dissatisfaction, not counting burchennya, but the situation becomes unstable and even a small push can generate Levine. Something in including and strike business may be catalyst protest those who can and can not support the struggle of entrepreneurs. Maybe a warning from that scenario and explains that the ruthlessness with which the authorities handled the purely economic protest personal business.

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