Clinton G. and D. McCain — favorites primaries in New Hampshire

Democracy — an unpredictable thing. After the party meetings in Iowa to last week, which brought victory to the Democrat senator from Illinois, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton appeared on the 3rd place, many experts have practically buried chances wife of former U.S. president.
Yesterday she and Mrs. Clinton during a meeting with voters almost cried when speaking of course campaign. But her will to win remains unshaken. And the primaries that were held yesterday in New Hampshire, denied previous trend and brought Clinton convincing advantage for her candidacy voted 39% of voters, followed ayavskaga favorite Obama — 36%. Now slez in the sight of Hillary Clinton was not.

USA — candidate for the presidency of the Democratic senators from New York, Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, 08.01.2008

Clinton: "I have come now in the evening with a very sincere heart and I wish especially to thank New Hampshire. During last week I listened to you and in the end I had found my own voice. "
Hillary Clinton says that her main concern — the "invisible to American" are ordinary people with ordinary neuvvyazkami where and how to be treated and how to pay the bills. She blames the incumbent President George W. Bush that his only disturb interests of big capital. A month back the Clinton Obama ahead in the polls of public opinion, after caucuses in Ayave black senator pulled ahead by 10 percentage points, it is possible that the primaries in New Hampshire again change the ratio between them.
According to professionals, keyword primaries in New Hampshire — the return, the return of the veterans of American politics. On the return of Clinton read. But the sensation was accomplished in the camp of the Republicans. On caucus in the past led Ayave Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, the second was the last governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney. But in New Hampshire overtook them both 71-year-old Senator John McCain, he has 37% of the vote, Romney 32% — at Huckabee — only 11%.
"Today we have shown how it looks return" — McCain said and added:
McCain: "If the various experts have argued that I’ve lost, I read them, I’ll go to New Hampshire, where voters will not allow you to take their yarashenne. And when specialists read: as you wish do? Your rating goes down, you do not have money, I’d say — I’m going to New Hampshire and I’ll read the truth to people. "

USA — Presidential candidate Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona, New Hampshire, 08.01.2008

In the past usually favorite primaries in New Hampshire and became the candidate of the party, and later president. Although in 1992, Bill Clinton lost the primaries in the state, but was elected president. And another exception — the current President, George W. Bush, who in 2000 lost the primaries in New Hampshire, while John McCain lost.
But the campaign lasts. A week later, preliminary election will be held in Michigan, January 10 — in Nevade and South Carolina, January 29 — in Florida, and on February 5, in the "superavtorak" primaries will be held in 20 states, including California and naikrupneyshim New-york. Company can bring new surprises.

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