Comparison of the armed forces of Turkey and Syria

Comparison of the armed forces of Turkey and Syria
October 3 Turkish troops opened artillery fire on the Syrian countryside in response to mortar fire from Syria. NATO and the UN claimed by Bashar al-Assad to immediately end all acts of malice against Turkey.

In turn, the Turkish parliament, which met on October 4 closed meeting, provided the cabinet of Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan’s annual mandate to conduct cross-border military operations. But Erdogan has decided not to utilize the mandate, with all this said he was ready to take appropriate action in response to at least some manifestation of anger on the part of Syria. Now these measures was the nomination of Turkish tanks, artillery and fighter units to the southern borders of the country.

Comparable strength of the opposing sides in the possibility of armed conflicts.

Turkish armed forces account for 510,700 people (out of about 148700 — civilian employees). In wartime, can be applied trained reserve of up to 900,000 people, including 380,000 — provision of the first stage. Turkish armed forces consist of ground troops (391,000 people), Air Force, Navy, Gendarmerie (up to 150,000) and the Coast Guard. The structure consists of 10 buildings NE, 2 separate divisions, 51 brigade and the troops themselves are divided into five operational units.

As of 2007, as part of the Turkish Armed Forces Including:

— 3363 tank (mostly foreign-made — German Leopard 1A and 2A, South American M60, etc.);

— 4625 armored combat vehicles (mostly the standards of its own production, based on foreign models — ACV-300, M-113);

— 6110 barrels of field artillery (SPG, mortars, MLRS).

Army aviation is armed:

— 44 combat helicopters AH-1 Cobra;

— 98 multipurpose helicopters S-70 Black Hawk;

— 89 helicopters AS-532;

— about 100 helicopters UH-1;

— 49 helicopters AB-204/206;

— 18 Mi-17 (used in the gendarmerie).

Air defenses account for:

— 2800 small-caliber anti-aircraft guns and ZSU;

— 1900 man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS «Red Eye», «Stinger», «Needle»);

— 105 automotive systems (Atilgan and Zipkin) with SAM «Stinger».

Also in service are different standards of small arms and anti-tank guns:

— from the Russian AK-47, KPVT, SVD, PC, RPG-7 to foreign M16, M4A1, MG-3, Browning, HK MP5, T-12, M72A2, etc.;

— from Russian ATGM «Kornet» and «Competition» to foreign LAW Cobra, Eryx, TOW, Milan.

Air Force Turkey consist of 400 combat aircraft, which include:

— 200 aircraft 4th generation F-16;

— 162 F-4 «Phantom» (38 — scouts);

— 41 F-5 aircraft (15 training).

The structure of the Turkish Navy consists of:

— 14 submarines;

— more than 20 frigates and corvettes;

— more than 2 x 10-s missile boats.

Syrian Army is estimated at 320 thousand people in the reserve is 354 thousand people, resource mobilization is estimated at 4 million people, of whom 2.3 million are suitable for military service. Besides the armed forces in Syria have gendarmerie formation — about 8000 people and the People’s Army (militia). In the Army value of about 200 thousand people: 3 army corps, 12 divisions, 13 brigades, 10 regiments of special purpose, 1 Separate Tank Regiment, spare parts: 2 tanks, 31 infantry and 3 artillery regiments.

In service is:

— 4800 units of tanks (T-55, T-62M, T-72, T-72M);

— 4500 armored vehicles;

— ACS 450;

— more than 2,000 barrels of artillery;

— 300 «Grad»;

— 200 Chinese Tour 63;

— several thousand mortars;

— 2600 LAW («Cornet»).

In the Syrian Air Force has:

— 500-800 MiG-21, MiG-23MLD, MiG-25, Su-24, Su-22;

— 48 MiG-29 4th generation.

Army aviation Syria has:

— 55 French SA-342 «Gazelle»;

— 36 Russian Mi-24;

— 100 transport helicopters Mi-17;

— 10 Mi-2 helicopters.

Syrian army air defense presented:

— 36 new complexes Carapace 96K6-C1;

— about 20 ZSU-23-4 «Shilka»;

— 100 air defense system «Strela-1», «Strela-10» and «Wasp»;

— approximately 4,000 MANPADS «Strela-2» and «Eagle»;

— about 40 PU S-200;

— More than 300 C-75;

— 150-125;

— 160 «Cube».

The composition of the Navy Syria include:

— 2 anti-ship project 159E;

— 10 missile boats 205M project;

— 8 patrol boats;

— 3 landing craft project 770;

— 5 trawlers;

— about 6 auxiliary vessels;

— 24 anti-submarine helicopters (Ka-28 — 4 units, Mi-14 — 20 units).

In addition, in the Navy Syria include parts of coastal defense, which are armed with:

— 2 complex «Bastion» RCC K-310 «Yakhont» in transport and launch container;

— 6 PU «Frontier»;

— 4 PU «Redoubt»;

— 36 artillery caliber 130 mm;

— 12 artillery pieces, 100 mm caliber.

In general, the Turkish army has a more modern combat systems, but if you look at her past, then we find out that she did not take the role in any large military conflict with the 40th years of the last century. It says the lack of real military experience in the Turkish generals.

In turn, the Syrian army, thanks to the active role in the fighting (the Arab-Israeli War of 1948-1949., 1956, 1967, 1973) has many superior combat experience. Besides, at this point, the Syrian armed forces have been involved in an armed conflict within the country.

Ultimately, if we consider such reasons as technical equipment 2-armies, their combat experience, as the mood of the Turkish population, which does not see the point in a war with Syria, one can imagine that in the criteria of isolation from the rest of the world, the Turkish army is likely , would have suffered a loss of enthusiasm and target the army of Syria. So, Turkey is unlikely to go to war against their own southern neighbor without guarantees from NATO for immediate military support.

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