Compulsory fingerprinting: Why is it done?

All who were detained or summoned to the police in connection with the explosion on July 4 in a day of independence, the police ask to be fingerprinted. This is required even from military service in the military enlistment offices, for example, as not so long ago in Belaaziorsk. Indeed whether "fingers" are interested only investigators in the explosion? How to behave person against such procedures?

Miroslav LozovskiyEvening ransacked, detention, bringing in isolation, before the interrogation fingerprinting — last activist "White Legion" Miroslav Lozovskiy experienced it all in one of the first to have a subsequent day after the explosion on the avenue Favorites in Minsk. It is curious that the fingerprints of Miroslav already taken earlier during detention for his role in the opposition actions. And even now are not lazy. Apparently, there was an order to "poll-daktylyaskapizatsyyu" — joking sovereign Lozovskiy.
"Not that investigators mimic acts, but more than anything they can not. In my opinion, the guilty are outside the country, and because investigators Tipo seek out. What will be the outcome? Will."
Miroslav took Lazouski and saliva analysis: forced to chew and spit out a piece of bandage. This analysis also Tipo need to find someone who drank from the juice pack "Sadochok", which was laid explosives and nuts.
Since then has been more than 3 months. What are the results?
Of independent media clear of acres released detainees and opposition activists, not involved in the explosion. Officials questioned the amount not called, but the real suspect, who may soon be indicted as if one. More clear about the criminal case on tax evasion, which has been brought for employees of the firm that was trading in Belarus Ukrainian juice "Sadochok". And after an indirect result — weave fingerprint card file police, which formally created to find criminals.

Andrei BastunetsHowever, some opposition managed to save their "fingers." Deputy Chairman of the public organization "Belarusian Association of Journalists" Andrei Bastunets summoned to talk to the police in September. Activist agreed to speak publicly, and be fingerprinted — flatly refused. Andrew — Associate Professor, because immediately referred to the respective law that regulates this function. Ask what the policemen were needed his fingerprints?
"Amusing himself archaic way of collecting these fingerprints, if instead of scanning adkatki made on paper that is at least two times increases the time required to paravnovvanne prints with others. I think first is a simulation activity, and the second — the ability to make some database . I will not read that on the entire male population, but that part of it, which may be related to the democratic circles. "

Lyudmila HraznovaOn democratic activists collecting their "fingers" intelligence agencies were engaged before: after each arrest "rolling" dark paint on her hands of mandatory. It is significant that some conscientious people in police uniform with all this feel ashamed. Recalls the last MP Lyudmila Hraznova.
"They did it in every possible way by demonstrating that they have to do, not on their own. Seems vybachalisya. And I knew it. I’m not yelling, not shock them any. Seems to help, so they were also less moral losses."
Wanted to wash off the paint as possible faster, and even a few days beautiful intelligent lady seemed grayish own palms.
Do the right to seek police fingerprint people, criminal guilt has not been confirmed? Previous investigator, now a human rights activist Volchek reads legitimate this procedure can be only in certain circumstances.

Volchek"People just have legally illiterate. Their customers I’m talking about when they turn to me: first — you have to testify only member of the investigative team. If a policeman does not go in the investigating team, you will be able to tell him" doskorogo bye "and go . 2nd: the investigator must explain to you the law regarding putting fingerprints. What is only voluntary procedure, if you are not charged. And if you refuse, for it is not provided any criminal or administrative responsibility. "
According to Oleg Volchek authority forces the police to collect the fingerprints of an explosion in first in order to make the legal conditions for the upcoming "development" democratic activists. Including regarding their search for incriminating evidence.
"The man first exists in one examination — relatively fingerprints. Later investigator may doubt what either to instruct and test its financial affairs as he worked, where he was, and so on. And it is already operational actions. That’s what I see risk of involvement in this case. "
According to Oleg Volchek, if the authorities really found guilty in the bombing, and were not engaged in the cluster disk imaging on the activists, they would have reclassified the case of the explosion of a terrorist attack with hooliganism and handed it to the prosecutor. "The police, with their own hand, is interested in such a sonorous and endless investigations, because once again, you can go up and show their loyalty to the people again and read that she Tipo fussing about their safety," — says Oleg Volchek.
The press service of the Interior Ministry investigators act in the blast case do not comment further citing "secrecy of the investigation."
Last political prisoner Sergei Parsyukevich before becoming a businessman and do public activities worked in the district police department examination Vitebsk. I ask him to express outlook relative to the amount of fingerprints in the police data bank of the country.

Sergei Parsyukevich"We have very many fingerprints. To pass, even in criminal and administrative cases — everything is there. Maybe not a million, but there are thousands of 200-300 prints in this automated system. Sometime in 1995, when I came to the police station, he was working on such a system. Partly this is not a bad thing, when talking about finding criminals. If the mark on the juice pack is good and that person gets into the system, then they went out and brought it. "
According to Sergei Parsyukevich, in almost all the justices and their police do, district data banks on people.
First of October Belaaziorsk activist movement "For Freedom" Dmitry Tretiak police claimed to be fingerprinted, even in the military.

Yuri HubarevichDeputy city council last Belozersky Yuri Hubarevich has a certain outlook about the purpose for which the district police department their catalogs with fingerprints.
"At least, for the identification of persons engaged in activities where you can throw fingerprints. Printed materials or the same label. With such catalogs can find them very quickly. Incidentally, that’s why the explosion relatively not very worried about the opposition favorites, people with names and more ordinary activists. "

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