Conservatives and Social Democrats Lithuania differently gaze at Belarus

In the Lithuanian parliament elect 141 deputies: 70 — on party lists and 71 — in single surroundings. While the exact favorite parliamentary race no. All will become clear in two weeks, when they host the second round of elections in single-member surroundings. In the first round in the vicinity elected only 3 deputies. For comparison: in Belarus, all 110 deputies were already published in the first round.

Vaclav StankevichMember of Parliament Vaclav Stankevich, head of the parliamentary group of cooperation with Belarus, states that no party will be able to get in This year most. Therefore it is necessary to create, as well as at the moment, the government coalition. The main question — who will charge the conservatives that have in the first place, or the Social Democrats, who put their trust to become the first two weeks?
Sovereign Stankevich so build Belarusian nuance of the new Lithuanian parliament and government:
"Belarus — the neighboring country. We have a lot of common companies. Intrigued There is a large economic ties with Belarus. Because this enthusiasm will continue.
If the governing coalition will sformirovyvaetsya conservatives, the political one will work with Belarus. And if the Social Democrats, it will be a little different. Here I mean the political nuance. Conservatives will behave more constructively in the political sense, than the Social Democrats. "

Lavon BarshcheuskiIn BPF with Lithuanian Conservatives — business partnerships. Party Chairman Lavon Barshcheuski trusts, what exactly will be the main force of the Conservatives in a new parliament and government:
"If the head of the coalition will be limited edition, the is a exact policy where true split economic and political nuances. Since conservatives — more fundamentally policies that are not bought on verbal promises. And in this case we will have the best contacts with Lithuanian control. "
Deputy Sergei Semashko comes to the group, which is engaged in the Belarusian-Lithuanian parliamentary relations in the House of Representatives. He recalls that the group was still in the House prior convocation:
"And I think that the House of Representatives 4th convocation all that remain. But this two-way process. And it can not be so, in Belarus We wish to cooperate with the Lithuanian parliament, and in Lithuania do not zahochut. We are not able to move only in one direction. "
Immediately with the election of deputies in Lithuania and held a referendum. Voters were asked about whether they agree with the fact, that the Ignalina nuclear power plant continued its work? According to preliminary data, in the role of the referendum was only 47% of voters. Because we can not assume that it occurred.

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