Creativity Lutsenko — a step in the Belarusian theater

Final Boris Lutsenko from the post of artistic manager of the theater — original event. Life in art, especially at the head, like everything else in this world, not endless. There always comes a time when you have to give way to the young. Even when you have worked as much as 40 years and for many this time made. And in order to continue to put on plays, hope, strength in the Master’s enough.
In the late 1960’s — early 70-ies of two young filmmakers Boris Lutsenko and Valery Raevskii, who This time headed by Yanka Kupala Theatre, broke into theater with his artistic thoughts beautifully sharply even tough. Belarusian theater while sick, old or bytavizm realism. They brought new rhythms, the latest plastic, expressive vobraznasts. And such performances were Lutsenko "Typical charge" by Viktor Rozov and "Rudobelskaya Republic" Sergei Grahovski Kupala on stage.
A performance of Boris Lutsenko "scattered nest" has become a real masterpiece. The first time was solved symbalistskaya nature of folk drama Yanka Kupala. Director read the play as a poem about the original and timeless way to Belarusians for yourself. Personally, I think this show beginning of a new step in the Belarusian theater — step metaphorically poetic emphasized conventional theater publicist with a demonstration of the central idea.

Right up present a day or for me is almost indescribable in stagnation Russian 70s two young professional director — Shawl and Lutsenko — entrusted two leading theaters of the country. Raevskii remained Kupala, Boris Lutsenko gave in 1973 Russian Theater of bitter that, with small breaks, he headed straight to a day or this. There he staged own famous play "Macbeth" by Shakespeare, who became the first Belarusian staging, be successfully shown in the West. Then came "The Threepenny Opera" by Brecht, "human catastrophe" Madách, "Recent" bitter … And it is a natural pursuit of the communist authorities for incorrect, with their viewpoint, Russian interpretation of reality and historical processes. A "Virgin Soil Upturned" Sholokhov Lutsenkavay interpretation of the communist authorities did not survive. Again there was work in Kupala Theatre, the movie studio — and only through a couple of years return to the Russian theater. Lutsenko as the director prefers world classics. But more than once he turned and stage presentation Belarusian literature Belarus on the Russian scene. Aroused widespread enthusiasm for his performances Vasil Bykov, "Go and do not come back," Ales Adamovich "Return to Hatyn" Nicholas Matukovskogo "last resort".
In the Soviet era Boris Lutsenko very often blamed for it, as readand then, holding fig in the pocket, in other words — drove into the subtext or metaphor embodied in critical attitude to life. Democratic changes first 1990 Sovereign Lutsenko was welcomed and even in the midst of the party organizers civilians.
Recent years, however, and in the creative and civilian positions Boris Lutsenko were not specific. Widely known was the dismissal of the actor Paul Kharlanchuk for his role in the events on October Square in Minsk in March 2006.

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