Crime without punishment provided

Presentation held public commission "Freedom to Kazulin and all political prisoners!"
Coordinator of the Public Commission Raisa Mikhailouskaya said:
"Today, on the 1st of political prisoner in our country fewer. Artur Finkevich released. And we are very excited and happy. In captivity, there are other prisoners. And public commission will continue its activities until the last of the prisoners will be released. "

During the presentation I. Rynkevich, V. Kozulin, R. and A. Vouchak St.Michael

Book "Punishment without crime" and a documentary film — legal examination of the case of political prisoner Alyaksandr Kozulin, who is serving a sentence in prison "Vitsba-3." The Commission plans to make a presentation of the book and the film in various countries, also in the European Parliament. This is due to the initiative — to allocate sovereign Kozulin for Sakharov Prize in Human Rights.
Managing legal service A.Kozulin Volchek said:
"I as a lawyer especially concerned that repression does not stop. Especially Vladimir Naumov statement that maybe about 50 people can be prosecuted for January 10. Should be given very severe value of political prisoners, since we only country in Europe where people are sitting for dissent. "
According to Igor Rinkevich, procedures, release of political prisoners Alexander Kozulin and Andrei Klimov — more complex. A.Kozulin regarding the case, he said,
"With his demonic 66 months, for which he has been convicted, January 25 held one third. He has the right to replace the unserved part of the punishment, that these 44 months, more Myagenkaya punishment. We believe that man is totally illegally convicted. Not his actions crime and illegally because he is in the bullpen. "
Rinkevich urged international and Belarusian structure, that they claimed from the Department of Corrections and execution of the prison to the court impose an idea of the substitution of the unserved part of the punishment A. Kazulin on softer.

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