D.Fedoruk sent to the prosecutor

The statement said that the police actions were unlawful disposition. And they eventually got Dmitry physical damage.
Human rights activist Valentin Stefanovich commented on the prospects of the case:
"On the prospects read hard as we assist to write for many complaints of police officers act that surpass service opportunities. But criminal cases not excited. But I think that this case, certainly need to bring to the General Prosecutor’s Office.
I think, that there is reason to believe that police officers Shelf spacialist exceeded their capabilities. At least insofar as it is written in the law of the organs Interior, that police, when a physical force must make possible the least harm people and property.
In 2-x must have after such introduction of physical force and special means necessary medical assistance. And what we observed in this case, when Fedoruk lost consciousness and was lying on the pavement? Replaced in order to cause a "fast" help the brave police officers stamped on his supine feet.
I believe that the prosecution should give proper assessment of the actions of employees Shelf police special forces. "

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