D.Fedoruka mercilessly beaten during detention in court

He came out of the Central District Court together with other visitors. Kirov Street police grabbed him and threw him head on the floor of the police "funnel". Legs of young man left on the pavement and then the police started to push their doors in the car.
Maid arrested and ancestors who came to the courts, began yelling in the street to save him. Policemen no one is allowed to approach the car. It is unclear what state Zmiter.
Not so long ago he was discharged from the clinic, where he was a traumatic brain injury after, as he was beaten by riot police during a crackdown "For Independence" on December 12.
Zmiter Fedoruk was taken to the police Central district of Minsk, and later in the receiver-distributor Akrestsin Street. There is Nikita Shutsyankou, which police seized earlier about the structure of the court. Trials of them tomorrow.
Now UCP member Nikolai Syarheenka phoned his colleagues that he was watching the police. Later another call that it is followed by people in civilian clothes. Whereupon his phone is not answered. Nicholas Sergienko associates say he also was arrested and is in Akrestsin.

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