Dacha ride becomes unprofitable

In the capital’s subway relaxed. Near the station duty officer — police, but their help is not needed subway employees, all law-abiding pay travel one hundred percent. Interviews with the students:
Correspondent "Today abolished privileges. Do you feel it in your own pocket student? "
Woman: "Very. On a very substantial amount of increased travel, and who need to 2-modes — generally palpable."
Reporter: "Are you from Minsk or elsenative? "
Woman: "Nonresident. From Slonim."
Reporter: "And to the parents how to drive?"
Woman: "And any way, we will save."
Young Man: "Too bad that you would pay more. But what to do? "
Reporter: "Are you a native of Minsk?"
Young Man: "No, from Gomel."
Reporter: "And how much will cost a visit to her parents?"
Young Man: "10 thousand in One way without benefits. "
Student: "We will ride hares. True, the subway and bus hundredth not work."
Young Man: "A what to do? The country needs to somehow replenish the coffers. "
Woman: "How do we treat? Naturally negatively. I need to go on the bus first, and later on the subway."
Reporter: "A scholarship raised?"
Woman: "No, I did not hear anything."
A bunch of 13-year-olds with sports bags going to the gym:
Reporter: "How much for you at this point will cost up sports school?"
Voice: "Not cheap. Rubles in 2400. Initially, the school later in the workout and again home. 2400 — it’s not cheap."
Reporter: "How about the fact that the benefits canceled?"
Voices: "Bad, very bad. Return reverse."
Elderly deprived of travel privileges and discounts on medication. The old lady is outraged:
"Too bad it is. My disability third group paid 50% lechuschee means. Now you must pay one hundred percent. With 350 thousand pension will not live. A drive … That at the moment of giving to do? Have to sell. Before giving drive is simply not profitable. Expensive gasoline — and drive unprofitable and uneconomic by train. Nightmare! "
Reporter: "But promised targeted assistance …"
Lady: "I do not shine it, because I have a pension of 350 thousand. And there need 160 thousand. So no social assistance will not. "
The pharmacy on Independence Avenue queues as in last week, not. But there are still people on an old habit with concession cards:
Reporter: "Just at this moment canceled drug benefits. It hurt you? "
Grandpa: "Of course, unaffected. General I received free medication like a prisoner camp. Now no benefits. As yet, we live by Nekrasov:" We take all gentlemen nor send. "And what can you do?
Talk to the old lady, who stands with reduced card.
Reporter: "Do you whether benefits were canceled?"
Grandma: "No, I stayed away."
Reporter: "And it is much to reflect pensiyanerskay pocket?"
Grandma: "Of course. Very bad, especially for us humans such honorable age, who survived the war. "
Reporter: "But it will take for the full price. ‘ll Save? "
Grandma: "No, of course, you can not save on drugs."

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