Day of solidarity with the arrested activists

In Minsk, Soligorsk Zhodino Mozyr, Grodno, Mogilev, Baranovichi Borisov in places where going many people, There are portraits of political prisoners. This despite the fact that fencing around construction sites and buildings on young people already do every day inscriptions demanding release of Artur Finkevich. Everyday solidarity campaign with Artur Finkevich was declared after the trial on December 20, which punished Arthur imprisonment for 18 months.
In the bullpen Akrestsin Street arrests 24 people serving for his role in action on 10 January, when more than 2-thousand took to the streets to protest against the policy Belarusian authorities in relation to small business. Two more were arrested at the action itself: Vyacheslav Siuchyk — the other day, and Ales Makaeva — after. In the bullpen favorite UCP Anatoly Lebedko, activists of youth organizations, business associations also a favorite "Perspective" Anatoly Shumchanka.
Ministry of Justice began liquidation function association "Perspective".
But the repression of the business at this not braked. Administration markets and malls from businessmen claimed explanatory notes, for whatever reason they did not work.
The shopping center "Kupala" cause business to the executive committee and require explain why they did not work on January 10. If anyone resents those deprived of the lease.
Biznesmenka, who asked not to call her name, said, "Freedom":
"One lady start complaining, read, what you have the right, I’m the mistress, I can decide when to work and when — no. Here it is now stripped of its license. I think they didand because the 21st is also something to be. 21st all markets do not work, and we work day. They are 100 percent it mattersare in order so that we did not dare to close in today . "
Anatolia Shumchanka visited lawyer Vera Stramkouskaya. It turned out that he, like others arrested, interrogated the criminal proceedings instituted by the authorities into the riots, which, according to police, took place on January 10. Vera Stramkouskaya filed complaints to the Minsk City tribunal acknowledged the arrest illegal.
Now in Tallinn, Vilnius, Kiev, Warsaw, Gdansk, Antwerp youth activists carry out actions of solidarity with political prisoners in front of buildings and Belarusian representatives. Under white-red-white flags they light candles next to the portraits of political prisoners and disappeared.

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