December 19 — strike businessmen

Entrepreneurs such makarom will seek the abolition of the Decree number 760, whereby from January 1, will not be to hire non-relatives. Another goal of the strike is a manifestation of solidarity with the arrested participants of the meeting on December 10.
Favourite association "Perspective" explained Anatoly Shumchanka Radio Liberty, that the one-day strike — is a compromise between the various business structures. He stressed that all individual entrepreneurs against Decree number 760, but some are only ready to role in sanctioned events, others to exit the October Square, while others only on a day strike.
Anatoly Shumchanka sure that the strike will support the markets in provincial towns, and in certain regions:
"The strike will happen. Number of participants? We think that this, as usual. Taking Minsk and regional centers, then I think that 60-70 thousand least will. December 19 arrive and look at it. The fact that it takes place, we no doubt. "
"Until January 1, remains heavily short. Government absolutely ignores all business requirements. One hundred percent resolution ignores all forums and rallies. Only thing that remains to business, it is a strike," — says the coordinator of the "Perspectives" in the Brest region Viktor Tchaikovsky.
Anatoly Shumchanka stressed that any negotiations with the authorities will not be behind bars until the participants of the rally were arrested on December 10.

Government absolutely ignores all business requirements. The only thing that remains to business, it is a strike.

Reminder: December 10 to October Square came a few 10’s of people. Despite the obstacles (via webcast concert sound amplifiers of Alexander’s square and sonorous ads with a police car), entrepreneurs adopted a resolution demanding the repeal Decree number 760 and make the appropriate conditions for the development of small businesses in the country. March to the Government House, and eventually at the Independence Square was about five hundred people.
Policemen detained preventively Makaeva Alexander and Alexander Tsatsura. During and after the rally detained another 6 people.
Vice-chairman BPF Ivashkevich, who was not involved in the action businessmen arrested for 15 days. Gave as much entrepreneurial movement activist Victor and Victor Gorbachev Kryval. Alexei Koshkarev that case was on October Square, because thought, there concert began Russian pop stars, will also hold 15 days behind bars.
Alexander and Victor Tsatsura track arrested for 10 days, Boris Goretskogo — 7. Christina Shatsikava, that has kids up to the age of 12, was fined 700 thousand rubles.
Now friends at the gate bullpen Akrestsin Street will meet Boris Goretskogo.

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