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According to the study «Freedom House», according to the results 2007 to "free states" include 90 countries, or 47% of which have now. Same areas where political freedoms are weakening, it only gets bigger. In the past this year happened in Russia, Venezuela, Pakistan and some other countries. As for Belarus, it is somewhat in recent years occupies is almost habitual in the "tail" of the human rights ranking as the country with the true repressive regime.
Commented on the situation, acting chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Aleh Hulak:
"Yes, this is a common situation. Belarus, of course, could take the best place in this list. But it is necessary to make efforts and severe enough to make those rules, which the country committed itself to signing international agreements. Yet, unfortunately, these steps virtually invisible. "
Reporter: "The report noted Belarus hit the list of more repressive countries first because political prisoners kept in jail … "
"The main problem, of course, there are political prisoners. This is something without which they can improve relations between our state and the civilized world. Very severe problem, which today can not be solved effectively. Can remember, of course, that came out a little earlier with Seviarynets Statkevich, but everything else stays in place for a long time and then shifts not seen yet. "
Human rights activist Ales Bialiatski sees no reason to Belarus started to move in the direction of at least "partly free countries," which world experts calculated 60:
"To configure a unique situation needs: the political will of our government. Now, if there is political will to change the situation, then I am certain that it really is. Or just then substitute this power. This is another version of the configuration of the situation."
Reporter: "And the place that represented there adequate situation?"
"Yes, it is fair. Indeed, what’s happening we have with the media disk imaging — even on the boundless expanses of the former Russian states is not a lot where you can behold. I can almost call still only Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. And Belarus is as close to them. In Azerbaijan, for example, much better, I there was and know the situation. Because all of this is really very sad. "
The report of the human rights organization «Freedom House» emphasizes that moral and financial support to the repressive Belarusian regime provides our homeland, which last year moved to the side of states with limited political freedoms. "Our homeland Putin itself for itself unfree, still contributes the least free Belarusian regime "- the document says.
Chairman of the Metropolitan Helsinki Group Lyudmila Alekseeva therefore stipulates that, departing from the pace of democratic norms Our homeland and Belarus will soon coexist in the list of the most repressive countries:
"Yes, we had a small democracy — unlike Belarus, which has not had time to shape it. And you know, if read too quite honestly, that we are very fought for this democracy? She fell on our heads when collapsed Russian Alliance. And that falls on the head, that is not itself captured, it is absolutely not appreciated. We in the end and lost. And now we are going to fight for it. Have to win back the freedoms that we have lost, as they are not appreciated. "
Belarus is characterized in the report as a country where political prisoners are kept, violates the principle of separation of powers, significantly restricted freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.
Reaction of the Belarusian authorities to report "Freedom House" yet. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the request of Radio Freedom to comment on the report said that are not yet familiar with the text of this document. Also, the Office noted that the Foreign Ministry should not react to everything that is printed somewhere.

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