Demand will grow by firecrackers

To buy firecrackers in Minsk, there are two options: either to go to the store, where organized crime to sell, or go to the market and buy this product "with it."
In store "traffic lights" close from October Square set custom iron safe on the shelves which a sufficiently large range. The monitor can see the how it will look with the resulting fireworks firecrackers. But fireworks are sold, as indicated on the sign, only to citizens of 18 years. This is the only limitation. Buyers may be kids, but with adults.
Merchant Oleg says that just allowed to sell 10 items — from pistonav to fireworks.
Huge influx of buyers Oleg expect 5 days before the New Year. And after January 15 the entire product will be delivered to the special storage area.
Oleg knows about the illegal sale of firecrackers to Minsk markets:

"We call them" dark "dealers who sell products nesertyfikavanuyu." Dark "dealers sell with luggage racks, do not pay taxes. Merchants are not trained and do not know what kind of products you buy. It can be mokrovataya and moist. They even recommend put on a battery that is not acceptable because there powder charge. They should stored at specific locations with a specific temperature. All according to the requirements of fire safety. "
Another way — to the market. On "Expobel" young guys undertone nasally passers "fireworks! Salutes". At the 1st of them I bought for 5 thousand packs of firecrackers under the title "Dark perdition." Only need to ignite the gun and throw the. Firecracker bursting with strong "ultragromapadobnym" explosion. This pack illegal trader pulled from the deepest pockets. Talk to the guys writing long disagreed. Why they are trading illegally?
"Do not give the license, do not give the certificate. Addressed, asked. Do not give. Explain Well, without preconditions. All product illegal, unlicensed product."
"For some reason, some people can take a license for it, but I can not and will not take it. And everyone who’s worth can not. Why? There are official offices, they are given a license, and ordinary people are not given. Indeed, for this need to be another "dad".
Guys they say that in order to start a legitimate sale, you need to pay huge amounts of money. I asked, and which can be purchase illegal immigrants?
"You can buy everything, no matter what are the means. Finished had spent money on fireworks — we will help you on your own risk."
Representative of the head of Consumer Market Mingorispolkom Tatiana Kostiuk resent sale of firecrackers in the street:
"You can not sell. Impossible to do so. This is an illegal method of implementation. Well, driven by some illegal and sell. This is a matter of police bodies MOE."
It is understood that when the explosions of fireworks caused damage to health or property of people, it could end in criminal cases. Administrative responsibility will be to lure people that set up "firing" in public places. Such behavior would qualify as disorderly conduct. For it can give a penalty — two basic values — or arrest for up to 15 days.
According to the police chief of public security Minsk Alexander Naydenko in This year firecrackers sold much less to New Year’s Eve and MVD already prepared:
"The police will be is enough to affect the this situation. Under each ate, where event police broken into squares — 10 10. Because we respond. And these are the places with last year take control. "
Reporter: "In every yard is not put police officers?"
"Enough, enough police."

According Naydenko the markets "Zhdanovichi" and "Expobel" seized about 20 thousand pieces of firecrackers, which were sold illegally. He states that engaged in this business more students.
"Here I estimate that costs 20 bucks, sells for 35."
How do misses pyrotechnics in illegal sale if its import is very strictly controlled?
"Maybe there’s a failure and gives Customs. Practically it all across the border."
After January 15 firecrackers must be taken to the special warehouses. But if someone wants to make fireworks at another time, you can refer to firms with special permission for pyrotechnic show.

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