Diagnosis and treatment of male infertility

Diagnosis and treatment of male infertility.  Photo from http://creative.gettyimages.com

Infertility— Is not a disease but a condition of the body, so the list of clear symptoms had not. The only and the main feature — not pregnant at the partner during the year of normal sexual life without the use of contraception.

Identify the cause of infertility can only be a specialist, so that if is a major problem, a man should consult aphysician androloga.In the infertile couple has a sense of a comprehensive survey of both spouses.

To check forinfertilitymale doctor will prescribe semen analysis, ultrasound and Doppler genital blood vessels pelvic blood test for hormones andanalysis to infection. There may also need: immunoassay, analysis urine and prostatic secretions.

If infertility diagnosis is confirmed, it is first necessary to remove the causes that led to it. When an imbalance of hormones is prescribed corrective hormones, inflammation or infection of the prostate gland — treat the disease, if there are problems with immunity — are engaged in the immune status of the organism. From defects in the internal reproductive organs rid surgery. Sexual problems — the field of Sexology (therapists) and psychotherapists.

Many men do not realize that cause Infertility can be a very banal: Sometimes it is enough just to reduce trips to the sauna and the use of alcohol and tobacco.

The main thing, in any case, do not despair. At present, almost all forms of male infertility are considered curable. As a last resort, there's always the possibility to conceive a child through artificial insemination techniques.

If infertility caused by poor sperm quality, such as its lack of mobility is used artificial insemination — the introduction of a special way the husband's sperm or donor sperm into the uterus (if preserved patency of at least one of the fallopian tube).

In severe forms of infertility in a spouse, in addition to IVF ICSI technique is used. Its essence lies in the fact that the husband's sperm under the microscope seek out at least one healthy sperm and injected into a mature egg wife.

The first IVF attempt, usually turns out to be successful for 30-35% Of patients. This corresponds to the possibility of pregnancy in a healthy couple in the wild.

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