Diet: can be many things, but little by little

Diet: can be many things, but a little bit.  Photo from

I'm sure I get fat on two things — from carbohydrates, and the amount of food, so the basic principles of my diet: avoid simple carbs and eat small portions.

What can and what can not?

By carbohydrate eating that threatens obesity include: potatoes, white rice, flour products, sugary soft drinks. My list of "bad" foods contain more bananas, cream cakes, ice cream and chips. Declaratively it's generally there is it is impossible. But, in fact, if you really want it, you can.

I'm not a hero, and all that it — or indeed one teaspoon (five spaghetti) a day, or as much as I want — once a week. Noted that if the gorge of harmful carbohydrates to fill, then another, then a couple of days it is difficult to stop — have to restrain myself, and there is no guarantee that tomorrow will not want to anything other. Therefore prefer to have a "hazard" and oftena little bit. But that's how it goes.

The right of women's portion of food I think a piece of meat, side dish spoon and a couple of pieces of vegetable, but there is one secret: if I sing tight, I immediately began to bulge belly — and so, the correct portion is considered to be the one after that is not bulging tummy!

My list is "legal" products is as follows: any meat (even sausage and hot dogs — even though it is wrong, but tasty), any fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits and dairy products — cheese and yogurt. Other products which have not got any black or the white list, such as legumes, whole grains, whole grain bread, cheese, chocolate, fall into the easy mode restrictions — say, one every day a small serving or a couple of pieces.

About legumes should be discussed separately. Once I went to the gym, simultaneously feeding on a diet of his sister. As a result, cooked beans and muscle loads instantly gained an extra five pounds! Now-a- I know that legumes — are proteins, but they have a lot of starch, which is also carbohydrate, and the most harmful for the figure.

Split meals

Muscle, unlike fat, lose. Therefore four or five times per day for single servings anything there should be mandatory, otherwise there is a risk of malnutrition, and a hungry stomach can trigger an overeating.

If you approach the process wisely and do not go hungry, that the regime of the fractional power you get used to very quickly, and the "forbidden" foods almost do not want to.

Little Secrets

Raw vegetables and fruit alleviates hunger pangs are helpful in every way, and there can be many, but the fruit I almost do not eat — just do not like. But any raw and pickled vegetables it in large amounts, despite the fact that the salt and provokes acute appetite. And the beer, by the way, too. But I salt the food I do not — then everyone chooses for himself that he tastes — salt pickles or eggs.

In order not to suffer gut every morning yogurt necessarily better with bifidobacteria. Or cereal with low-fat yogurt or milk.

What to drink?

An important part of the diet — drinks. I eliminated sugary drinks and seltzer, juice and drink dry wine with virtually no restrictions. Mineral water washes away excess toxins and maintained in good condition the skin and reduces appetite, and wine in moderation strengthens the walls of blood vessels, neutralizes the effect of fatty foods, and, unlike most alcoholic drinks, does not stimulate the appetite.

Dinner give the enemy

As the person leading the midnight lifestyle, not to eat at night I just can not — for four hours between dinner and bedtime certainly want to eat again. But there is one important detail: the latest scientific research has proven that the night is better than protein foods, and not the fruit or yogurt, which, oddly enough, with the fat deposited in the night. So chop or cutlet — the best dinner for a slim figure!

Actually, my "system" is designed for a sedentary lifestyle and reluctance to engage in sports, so it is suitable for global rather than weight loss, and to maintain a stable weight or desired relief a pair of three extra pounds before an important event or summer season — the result is noticeable in two weeks.

Pauline Barcode

Source: "The magazine "Be healthy"

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