Dmitri Fedoruk discharged December 17

December 12 during the crackdown "For Independence", dedicated to the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the police special forces soldiers mercilessly beat Dmitry. As he lay on the steps commandos kicked his feet, until he lost consciousness.
Dmitriy Fedoruk rapidly recovering. Man visited by a huge number of people. In the main they are members of an unregistered organization "Young Front". In the hospital ward number 314, where lies Dmitri, his bed fruits, juices, candy, dolls — all that has not moved in the fridge and to bring guests.
On Friday evening someone called police, that they were expelled from the House guests, as there were very many. Dmitriy Fedoruk says:
"Every day the doctors give pills, make the necessary procedures. Tomorrow will also be something to do. I am very grateful that I visit many people. It did not happen without incident, because a lot of people coming. I had to call the police to remove all the guests who have myange late evening. I have visited all favorites political parties . "
Dmitri Fedoruk brought to the clinic unconscious. In the history of the disease it is written that he was beaten by police officers. Within hours after, as the Young got to the hospital, the U.S. State Department condemned the beating Dmitry and violent dispersal of peaceful demonstrations. Later criticized in the address Belarusian authorities made by international human rights organizations and politicians. In addition to doctors Dmitry contacted by several protesters with various injuries.
Voice Paul Seviarynets:
"What is to come to the clinic Dmitry times a day 10’s people that it behold the nurses and behold the unhealthy makes a huge deal of Belarusian Solidarity. Entire hospital full of rumors about what came salting that politicians and journalists. Which foreigners there were up to now … Dmitry on his bed Young Front symbols — all, of course, is very impressive. Even when called the police, the police came with the guilty views. NOT zealous that name because behold the and understand how strong solidarity " .
Dmitry discharged on December 17. More than a week it will be at home, because he can not have a certain time exercise. Investigation into the beating policemen activist youth democratic movement instituted by the police. According to the legislation, criminal cases, public as suspected offenders police officers, prosecutors should investigate.

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