Dmitri Fedoruk was sentenced to confinement for 15 days

Fedoruk was detained yesterday when he came out of the Central District Court together with other visitors. During detention, the police beat him very.
Activist Lena Medvedev yesterday detained in Bobruisk and brought to Minsk. Now in the morning the police brought Medvedev to the Central Tribunal, but after a while the referee let her go. But later, Lena took over the police department of the Central district to collect their things. Lady returned to the court and awarded a penalty — 30 basic units (one million 50 thousand rubles) — for his role in action on 10 January.
As for Nikita Shutsyankou was detained yesterday during the hearings, the police rework protocols. Nikita associates of the organization "Jeans for Freedom" believe that it will also be charged with neprelichnoy battle.

Dmitriy Fedoruk after the verdict

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