Dmitry Zhaleznichenka continues hunger strike

Twenty Zhaleznichenka was hastily drafted into the army on January 25. In autumn 2007, A-student expelled from Gomel Zhaleznichenka Municipal Institute F. Skaryna but Tribunal first this year returned it to the student’s rights. Soon whereupon rector of the Institute signed an order expelling the student again.
Dmitry Zhaleznichenka not yet had time to execute documents on the charges, he was summoned to the military commissariat. January 25 Dmitry escorted Zhlobin part in railway troops.
On the second day of stay in the army Dmitry Zhaleznichenka could call friends. "To me there are treated as offspring defense minister" — conveyed drafted to the army colleague Dmitry Sergey Semenov. January 27 with her son met a mother Alla Zhaleznichenka:
"The problem is that he declared a hunger strike. And so … While everything is fine. "
Reporter: "That is, he continues hunger strike?"
Alla Zhaleznichenka: "While so. Though I requested to suspend."
Reporter: "Dmitry insists on all claims?"
Alla Zhaleznichenka: "Well at all … Even the way it was taken, is incorrect. His pressure headache. Two nights he slept. His neurotic condition after all these stories. I asked to be given drugs said … that must be some answers from the Ministry of Defence on those complaints, he wrote. What’s that will be, I do not know. "
January 25 in the morning to classrooms recruiting office for a guy walking officer. Despite the complaints at the problem with blood pressure, Dmitry denied medical examination and under the supervision of an officer was sent to train troops in Zhlobin.
Dmitry refused to sign a military ticket issued in Russian, claimed, that he was sent to the part where the orders they give Belarusian. Dmitry lifelong hunger strike declared illegal because of deductions and forcible departure to the troops.
Further appeal to mothers Zmtra Mrs. Alla.
Reporter: "If you have to swear?"
Alla Zhaleznichenka "First states that on February 20, at the moment — 9th. In each case, the oath for another two weeks. By military unit we have no complaints. It’s not a matter of principle. "
Answer from the Ministry of Defence military bureaucrats promised to send now, January 28. By Alla Zhaleznichenka Dmitry Zhaleznichenka wants to plan their next steps, based on the response of military officials.

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