Do not feed the trolls

Among the many trolls, nesting on the site of "Made in us," there is one prezanyatny character. "Igor Polyakov," is called. Thanks to his odorous activities before us parted mechanism network mezhslavyanskoy incite hatred (Recom by the people "hohlosrach", "bulbosrach," etc.).

But in order. Trolls on Suna divorced entire population with their leader, the beta males and degenerates. There is a broad ideological and whom, it believes in its own verbiage hamster. And there are obviously planted figures were worked out in a modest net gesheft. The meaning of the utterance and the other is not significantly different, and represents a different variation of the immortal "pissed away-all-polymers." It is unclear, however, what makes them so hard and tirelessly to hang around for Suna, since they really believe this nonsense and surkovskoypropagandoy site … Although not all extremely clear …

Watching this very fauna, unwittingly come to the conclusion that Igor Polyakov ™ will come, perhaps, for the original. He did not pzhiffkaet and zhopogolit. On the contrary, diligently rejoicing in the country in some areas accommodating him. Everything connected with the rejection of imports of Belarus and Ukraine, Igor Polyakov ™ meets monotonous approving posts, such as "Stop feeding Square area." The word "independence" in his comments found dozens of times, if not hundreds. And, invariably hostile context. College boy to some psychologists seem that hard once offended with Belarusians, Ukrainians Igor Polyakov ™, probably even kicked his feet.


And I may have shared the view of our hypothetical student, had not botched a characteristic style of presentation of comments by Igor Polyakov ™. The artificiality of his utterances and provides mechanical uniformity, and the glaring lack of logic: when completely "out of topic", without any overclocking again thrown to the fan about the "independence of parasites." And most importantly, almost hidden by provocative posts by Igor Polyakov ™ — based on fire appetizing "hohlosracha."

Do not be surprised if it turns out that somewhere in the "yueynete" the same person (but under a different name) in broken surzhik calls schiryh ukaintsiv beat klyatyh Muscovites and recover stolen during the famine fat. From the "face Muscovites" he answers another of the same political technologies proplachenny laborers with the promise that "harboring — the goats." And later in the dialogue included are real people on both sides, blazing national righteous anger, rolling in the mill of the recriminations and insults …

Since the technology works, "hohlosracha." And each "hohlosrach" more and more alienated the two branches of one people from one another. Keep this in mind: someone very much wants to Russian, Ukrainians and Belarusians entangled mutual hatred. And for this purpose, ingenious schemes, a variety of "stuffing" and incitement strangers. Do not give in to provocations! Do not allow himself to be drawn into someone else's game. And simply put: do not feed the troll, and yes, he will die of hunger.

However, we note and a pleasant moment in all of this. Active troll around the site of "Made us" refers to the growth of its popularity. CBS attracts more and more attention and becomes a significant factor in the ideological battle. Therefore, the war for the minds of visitors CBS is in full swing and the heat will only increase in proportion to the impact site.

P.S. However, I admit the thought that Igor Polyakov — this is a real man, to express their own thoughts. And that he really believes that Russia is nothing more needs to communicate with the Small and White Russia. Well, if this is true, it remains only to recall the swindler "When I was very young, very poor, and feed that showed in the Kherson Fair thick, busty monk, presenting it as a woman with a beard — an unexplained phenomenon of nature — and even then I did not fall to such moral lowlands …. "

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