Do you agree with the verdict for the Muhammad cartoons?

What is your attitude to the sentence Zdvizhkovu journalist? Must be judged journalist for insulting the Prophet Muhammad?
Lady: "I do not know. But everyone has their own faith, their worldview. So not because must . "
Man: "I believe people must adhere to certain canons of the church. And if a person violates these canons, they should be punished. "
Lady: "Planting is not necessary. A person has to realize that it is a sin. Sin to offend anyone who is more holy and dignified than himself. "
Lady: "The question of faith — it is private. Person chooses Orthodoxy or Mohammedanism. Naturally, I am an Orthodox man, and I believe that this is the true faith. After all, she syzveka because their is the correct method. But there are people who make mistakes. Pride — it also separates people doing all sorts of configurations. But to condemn a man not worth it. As thecamping, and do not judge lest ye be judged. "
Reporter: "You have to judge a journalist for insulting the Prophet Muhammad?"
Woman: "I think could would be fine, and it would be pretty. Or a public censure. A plant — it very much. The man has a their worldview. Why can not he express it? "
Guy: "I also think that to put in jail — it’s very."
Man: "My world, so that he need. If a person does something correctly means for this and gets. We live in a legal country where there are laws what to do, and what is not. If doing what is not needed, so it and need it. "

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