Donors can give up free travel

From January 27, 1998, according to the decision of the Mogilev city executive committee, prominent donors in Mogilev have the right to free travel, but simply donors — 50% discount on tickets.
Home Special Mogilev city council Vasily Mihnevich states that the City Council MPs tend to throw this benefit the donor, but not much:
"It’s not all donors, but only notable donors having such a symbol -" Noble donor Republic of Belarus . "If you believe the official figures, we have them here and there a thousand and a half, for sure, nobles," — said Vasily Mihnevich.
Registered in Mogilev blood transfusion station — about 5,000 donors among them noble — 1800.
On blood transfusion recognize people unwilling to donate blood. Over the past four years, the number of donors is reduced every year by eight percent.
Chairman of the organizing committee of the fund donors "Drop of Life" Igor Kovalenko will try to get to the session of the City Council:
"The fact that they are inclined to believe, that the noble donors throw a free ride, which is great. This indicates that MPs understand that donors — a separate category of the population, which determines people’s lives", — says Igor Kovalenko.
After today’s warning strike against the donor cancellation of privileges authorities decided save forty percent increase in their pension. Mogilev donors will also receive an additional clothing and food assistance. Municipal union promises to include an item on the collective agreements of mandatory premiyavanne donors in the Global day of donation and other benefits.

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