Dr. Mukhina, Obesity should be treated safely

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Today ways to lose weight gained massive popularity. It is rare to meet someone who has never dieted or did not go to the gym to lose those extra pounds. Because again and again new method to lose weight, not putting this much effort.

Physician acupuncturist Mariyat Mukhin, PhD and author more than 40 scientific papers on the author's method of treatment of overweight, constantly asking how to be fit and healthy man.

-Mariyat Muradalievna you — the author of this method of weight loss, "Golden Needle ®». Tell us what is the secret technique.

"Golden Needle ®» and «The Magic Earring ®» — these are the names I have developed a method for reducing body weight with the help of acupuncture. During this method of treating obesity in a patient's right formed a stereotype of metabolism and normal habit of healthy eating. This is due to the fact that the needle which we introduce and anchoring in specific points of the active ear, affects the excitability of the centers of appetite at the hypothalamic level. This needle can be in the points for a long time, as long as necessary for the full treatment. Our patients feel comfortable, weight loss occurs without much difficulty.

Dr. Mukhina, "Obesity should be treated safely"

— But acupuncture is known to mankind since ancient times. What is the difference between your invention?

I have developed and patented a new design of a needle and a new way of its introduction. Method differs in that a needle is inserted simultaneously in the two acupressure points, and the points formed between treatment channel which positively affects the entire body. This is the main and very important difference. Moreover, we have the opportunity as long as possible to leave the needle in a biologically active points to cure the patient. The needle is aesthetically pleasing looks and reliably. But the most important advantage is that the needle is in the medical channel generates more active pulses, which means that we get the best treatment results.

-So, with this needle can have anything you want, and still lose weight? Is a dream come true humanity?

We can say that this is true and false at the same time. The purpose of the new ways of "Golden Needle" — to help people to get used to a healthy diet. "Needle" blocking excessive appetite, but the patient himself has to get used to healthy food, and a process for its reception. For this, we recommend a system of healthy eating — also my author technique. Many can not even call it a diet in the conventional sense, because the diet is designed for the "Golden Needle ®» includes roasts, barbecue, sweet fruits and the like.

— You call a method of weight loss therapy: it means that you treat obesity as a disease?

Yes. Obesity — the problem is not so much an aesthetic, first of all, it is a disease, which is accompanied by functional disorders in the body. So for me the task to cure the patient with overweight, eliminate the cause of his illness. People come to us by those who do not want to just lose weight, but to restore their health.

— And in your practice there were cases when the method of treatment has not acted?

There are patients who have contraindications: severe disease in the stage of decompensation, which we identify in the obligatory free consultation. We spend a therapeutic examination, interrogation, palpation, physical examination, measurement of body parameters. This is a rare chronic disease about which patients are well informed. In all other cases, obesity is treatable, as we prove for many years.

However, the method of "Golden Needle ®» has been so effective that in a few years, this has led to a large number of violations of the clinics. Medical centers throughout Russia illegally provide services for weight loss under the guise of the name "Golden Needle ®» and «The Magic Earring ®». In practice it appears that the method is copied only superficially and does not have the desired effect, so there are negative responses about the method. At present, Russia has the right to apply the technique only network of clinics "Origiteya", whose experts I taught myself. So I want to warn readers against visiting unscrupulous clinics.

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Source: "Komsomolskaya Pravda"

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