Dr. Vasily Avramenko from Mogilev

— Not so often you meet a person in the midst of the doctors with a decent Belarusian language as you …
— By nature, education, confluence of events depends. Well, I very very fond in time history, and gave tribute to art song.
— That resulted in the love of journalism — it’s your publication printed in the "Arche" and "Nasha Niva"?
— As the soul is something there, I feel the need to express.
— What you write in most cases?

— Typically, this social issues.
— A political life care?

— Yes. In the 1990s he was a member of the BPF.
— The duties of the head editor and comes in the midst of the rest of the definition aimed at transferring certain subjects, which sounds in the subsequent Friday. You wish that she was associated with medicine?

— No. About this sphere we talk in everyday interview. A as for final transfer, the wish that svabodavtsy understood the subsequent dilemma: what caused the current era of complaints and that it stands for? More precisely as follows: developed authoritarianism in Belarus — the country complaints.

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