During the shift, he collected 11 Cabinets, Wardrobe instead of the norm 1.8

"Star" in 1937, tells the story of the month Stakhanovskaya Records: "Borisov said. Yesterday Stakhanovets carpenter timber named Comrade Molotov. Tumar reached the amazing new record. During the shift, he collected 11 Built-in, instead of the norm of 1.8 cupboard, fulfilling its rate by 663 percent . Friendly. Tumar earned 7 hours 48 rubles. Stakhanovets carpenter shop Comrade piano. Sokolovsky hinge on the process and cleaning cover piano 6:00. 20 min. fulfilled its rate by 410 percent. ".
"Reddish change" in 1967 reports from Vitebsk "on December 25. Now here the trial of a group of traitors — Nazi officials lurking field police, acting on the area of Vitebsk, Smolensk and Pskov regions during the last war. Tribunal sentenced: P. Pavlov M. Butakova AA, NA Gusev, Kovalchuk RZ, Ilina AI Shutrova PM, Shmagina VA Kostenko S.Ts., VP Sidelnikova , Kaladko SD and AK Matseyku to capital punishment — death … "
"Evening Minsk" in 1977 writes: "Minsk City Executive Committee tasked to build a special visual platform at v.Bantseravshchyna located on the old fort V-VII centuries, with which can be will survey the panorama of the north-western part of Minsk. Near beat lugapark foreseen, which will be located on the ground museum "Nature and Fantasy" and "Belarusian State toy."

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