Duty free import of 35 kg + 2 liters of alcohol

He changes the order of import by individuals of certain product categories and tf.
Thus, the rate of duty free import of goods for personal use has decreased from 50 to 35 kg. Apart from these 35 kg individual now has the right to import free of duty up to 2-liter. alcoholic beverages (alcoholic drink is considered, if the mass fraction etylevaga alcohol in it is 7% or more). Previously, the norm was one liter.
The decree also imposes restrictions on the import of vehicles for individuals who are not owners of TC and do not register this type of business. Importations by two cars and more than once per calendar year will be considered as business. Decree foreseen to retain the amounts of uniform rates of customs duties and taxes for used cars at rates effective at the moment.
From the list of products subject to the import customs duties are excluded vacuums videazapisvalnaya and reproducing apparatus. This, as noted by customs, based on the fact that most of the people staying at checkout takes a camera which, when subject to import duties and taxes, if they are not present for customs clearance at export. In order to avoid conflicts and accelerate customs control passing tourists This item is excluded.

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