Dzyady 1988. Memoirs marchers

"I remember, with great surprise, when I came to the place of assembly, met Ms. Prokashavu, secretary of the Party committee of the institute. And she did so motherly stopped to say:" do not go there. "And this kind of melancholy was in her sight … I was so amazed … And later we no longer allowed, blocked the street, the passage was forbidden … And the conflict that began then, it is up to present a day or and lasts. Belarusian people, to which we constantly appeal, it is composed of different people. There are people in good faith, kind, hardworking, and there are people angry and zavistnye, evil.

Won by those who then dispersed the rally. Personally, I left feeling a huge misunderstanding. Before you were already articles Poznyak, had a lot of articles in the metropolitan press about places massacres and it was a shock … And he was already at that meeting, which was organized "Cleanup" in the summer … Which is normally held … And then when I walked in the fall on "Dzyady" I thought, all that happens, everything is very simple, it’s okay … There was no sense a threat, a danger — and here there was a such a blast Russian anger, anger … Unfortunately, now it overcomes in Belarus … "

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