Editor fired after an interview with Parfyanovich

As said on the criteria of anonymity agency "Minsk-news", 12 December, it came into the office manager ideological control Mingorispolkom Gennady Kurbeka who read the decree signed by the chairman of the executive committee of Misha Pavlov. Kurbeka said Grigory Novikov and Acting Head Editor "Minsk Courier "Natalia Byazvershanka must leave office. Both decreased with the phrase" with the consent of the parties. "

For those who "cleared" "Minsk-news"?

In discussing the future agencies participated intensively Lena Light — spouse control the press service of the President Paul Light, Minsk City Executive Committee which oversees the media. The agency did not rule out that it was she in the future may take place Acronym Gregory Novikov. In the meantime, acting head of the holding company "Minsk-news" appointed Andrey Anisimov, who was previously the Deputy Novikov.

At work we have encountered very, very aggressive and wonder what tomorrow will not be able to work. But come and work

As said, the meeting, the focus was on the fact that accumulated a lot of claims that are involved in the decision to part with Novikov and Byazvershankay. "The last straw" was an interview with the athlete and opposition politician Vladimir Parfyanovich, which first appeared on the pages of December "Minsk carrier" also sounded on the waves "Radio Minsk." Both media are subject Mengarvykanamu.
As the Acting head last editor "Minsk Courier" Chertkov Igor Novikov founded media holding in the "STV" radio "Minsk" and newspaper "Minsk Courier", giving work to many people. Later, however, with the general PTS media structure deduced:
"Grigory Novikov — is a man of action. He began making" STV "made radio, organized agency, did the newspaper, which was the only one in Belarus Six Day. At work we faced a very, very aggressive and wonder what tomorrow will not be able to work. But came and worked. And besides finalized, he got a heart attack at work. Specifically, as for all worried. "
It’s about sport — sedition?
Politician, last member of the House of Representatives, the eminent athlete Parfenovich which indirectly became a prerequisite dismissal Gregory Novikov, commented incident in the walls Mingorispolkom:

When I was "wrong" person, who in this country at all then right? List as "incorrect" the people do not show!

"If I’m" wrong "person, who is in this country generally true then? List as "incorrect" the people do not show! But given this situation, it seems to me, the country is strengthened insanity and schizophrenia. The latter, as we know, can not be cured, but only develops. Where she will our country — do not even dare to predict. "
Reporter: "As I recall, in that interview was neither politicians nor the general seditious something …"
"Totally. It only about sport and about life. And not satisfied that there is such a name. Just name and does not suit anyone. Ideologues are not asleep, they honestly spend their wages. If the country for political reasons we have banned from their profession, it shows a lot. And the situation is not that of weird itself for itself, It seems to me, she asks immediate hike to the doctor. Another option not see. Only the "New Releases" … someone posodeystvuyut "
Grigory Novikov with a day or officially present in the media holding "Minsk-news" does not work. His phone is not answered.

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